They say people be more cray cray when the moon is full. I beg to differ. I believe it’s during the waxing crescent phase. The moon does magical things, yes. & Yes, when the moon is full people [probably] are at a height. & not just people, but vampires, werewolves, ghosts, & witches, but witches are people, too, so… I can’t help but notice people’s behaviors during the waxing crescent phase. It’s strange. When the moon is full it is fully illuminated. Craziness ignited, fully exposed. During the waxing crescent phase, it’s barely getting started… The magic of the moon begins to consume & that’s when its affects, & effects ;), go into play. One can argue the same for the waning crescent, but I’m on the northern hemisphere, so I can only speak from that, & my, point of view 😉 Plus, it seems like during the waning phase it’s flushing all the bad out. & waning sounds a little like whining & if we’re talking about the moon & it’s craziness & magic mystique, then it’s best to check your whining at the door –if you’re let past security. Regardless, I love the moon, especially its dark side. & if you ask if I’m rooting for the light or the dark, I’d say both.



2017 is almost coming to a close. This isn’t a recap episode, so don’t get all notalgic jet. lol. There’s still a whole other month of 2017 to live. A magical month. The month of December. On occasion I’ll think about the calendar, & whenever I wanna woo someone, lol, sometimes I do woo. lol. hahaha. But when I wanna share an “interesting fact,” & to test someone’s knowledge –we wanna know what type of intellect we’re gonna bang. Sadly, some people don’t have it all. You can be hot, but whack in bed. I tell them that the original calendar had only 10 months: October was the eighth, December was the tenth. But when Julius Caesar & Augustus became REALLY larger than life, & when times REALLY changed, pun intended, July & August came into play. & then we hit the sack. Or sac. lol. From experience, usually only happens during the waxing crescent for me 😉 Everyone else is all around. So there you go, dating advice #1.Make them like you because you’re hot & smart, not just hot. & then __ck them real good. lol. Who in the hell am I to give dating advice?!?! lol. I do give good advice, I just need to learn to take some of my own. OK, this is not a pity party, so check your pity at the door. But if you think about it, the calendar change extended our time. Our time to live longer, more. Experience more. learn more. I can’t help but think how different the seasons would be. It would go from June to October, which means that would be summer? Summer in October? We’re not in the hills anymore, honeychild. Time. We never have enough of it & as it is, with those extra two month, & daylight savings, it still seems to go fast & not enough. Is anything ever? I HATE wasting time. It’s such a waste of something you’ll never get back. It’s not like a tax refund if you’re poor. It’s funny how when we’re going through a rough phase time feels like it goes by slow, versus it can fly by when we’re having fun. Next subject! I took a glimpse at my last few posts. LthefuckOL. lol. WOW. I haven’t given up on writing, I’ve just taken it in a different direction as of late. I also do photography & I love television. I love TV production: pilots, ratings, the set-ups, the sweeps, upfronts, 5-year / 6-year –1-year contracts, casting, who passed up what role, who was considered, how many episodes, story arcs, etc. I picture ‘The Cubicle Diaries’ as a show. It’s episodic, dramatic, scandalous, entertaining, relating, fresh —OK! This is NOT a pitch… I’ve been writing privately. Not every singer releases every song they write &/or sing. The record company won’t let them.[sarcasm mark here]. LOL. Not my point! lol. I love writing & that is all that matters. You don’t need to KNOW everything, or do you? Speaking of television, I’ll share I’ve been watching ‘Younger,’ ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Dynasty,’ —lmfao. I like Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage! I’m probably one of the few that finds the true humour in ‘Fuller House.’ As always, ‘American Horror Story,’ I gotta stay true to Beverly Hills, so ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ & to my defense that is the ONLY 1! Beverly Hills & the Hamptons are my 2 favourite American cities. Anyhow, You gotta switch it up! I have been thinking more & more about volume III. Little by little I’m mentally preparing for it. It’s coming! I’ve had a few life-imitating-art, art-imitating-life moments as of late with nods to volume II. Strange. Maybe we CAN write our own destinies 😉





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