One year ago I was in Minneapolis. I went to celebrate New Years. I walked into the hotel elevator, turned around, & saw this writing. I thought it was so iRONic. I felt like life was talking to me. In English, I was trained to follow the signs, more so than I already knew. Out of all hotels, out of all cities, out of all elevators, out of all sayings. What’s funny was I was originally going to go somewhere completely different & Minneapolis was where it was concluded to be. Suddenly my ears grew wide like a dog’s. I got excited. I smirked. I knew 2017 was going to be adventurous & I knew it was going to begin in the ‘mini apple.’ That was my green light. I knew the gods had my back. As I wrapped up this year, I couldn’t help but think of this picture, & obviously this time/ memory. I had a good NYE. I started the new year out with a bang, if you know what I mean 😉 & I think I’ve concluded it solid. I’ve always had a passion for Minnesota. Why? I have no idea. I find it interesting. Plus, ‘Brenda Walsh’ used to live there, so…

The picture says, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book. Write a good one.” I feel like I wrote a good one; a dramatic, entertaining, scandalous, fresh, tumultuous, split second romantic one. 2017 was a lot. Definitely two-parts. I experienced a lot of things I hadn’t in the past. Lots of new story lines. It was also different approaches of things I had experienced. Who doesn’t love a reboot or a revamp. I have to admit, this picture didn’t just pop into my head recently, it’s popped in & out of my head throughout the year. It reminded me that I must make everything good & fun & exciting & worth my while because it is my life & things are only what you make of them. Don’t ever expect things to just fall into your lap. Maybe someone’s head, yeah, but your true aspirations & dreams & wants, you need to go & get them. & yes, maybe when you’re out going & getting them, then maybe they’ll fall into your lap, but until then, don’t be naive. Luck will visit, but never stick around and stay. Plus, we all need solid fans, so do something edgy on occasion. Believe me, this year I had the good & the bad. & because of that, I am a better, stronger, well-rounded –not a fat joke, but I’ll take it as one!–person. My character is more developed. This character can do nearly anything, this character is just about larger than life. Again, not another fat joke on myself. This character still has flaws. Am I still the anti-hero? Sure, maybe. Whatever! If it means better story lines then fuck it! Why be normal?!? I am definitely the lead! As for climaxes, I’m all for them. You’ll love & hate me the most as the finale. I don’t know who’s a better writer, me or God? Don’t get me wrong, God is good. I tried, & still try, to make every day great. We go through shit, yeah. I definitely have my highs 😉 but I definitely have my lows. It’s part of being an artist –& rock star, & I guess human. It’s also very good to take breaks, hiatus, do nothing on occasion, go off the grid. Have ‘you’ time, because those are some of the best adventures. Adventures lead to other adventures. It’s all good material. Everyone loves when the plot, amongst other things, thickens.

So, get your pens & paper, your tablets or laptops, because it’s now time to begin a new story & make it like nothing before. Make inside jokes with yourself. It’s time for 2018. I’m looking forward to 2018. I know how I want to play it. But first things first, it’s time to let go what no longer serves you.


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