The September Post [in October]

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Hi 🙂
It has been some time…
September, wow. I had a feeling this month was going to fly by. I turned the calendar page too fast. September has had some great weather. I love the feeling of the season(s) transitioning. It’s such a comfy feeling. Plus, being in Chicagoland I can enjoy all 4 seasons! I’ve been doing some travelling.
I went to St.Louis, which was an experience. For the most part it was fun. Ballpark Stadium is cool. Pretty much anything goes there. The aftermath was a shit show though. Be careful who you travel with! Sounds simple & like common sense but somehow the easy can fly over our head obliviously. Some people truly are creepy. & for most, when you begin to doubt yourself, just know there is someone out there weirder than you. This one though… My God! I have never felt so watched & stalked in my life! & to think I did this one a favor by extending the invite! All because I thought if I didn’t things would be worse than what they would be if I did. Let’s just say life is one big learning experience & we are not meant to be cool with everyone we cross paths with, especially the needy, desperate, and the sad. You have to be selective who you travel with! We want to give people a shot, but sometimes we need to be a little more patient & observant. I must not let that individual have a stigma over St.Louis. That individual is a sad piece of work. Not even a sad piece of shit, because that would be an upgrade & this person is lower than that. I want to believe this psycho is out of my life for good now.
Then there was Cincinnati. “Cincy” as some call it. I had no idea what to expect about Cincinnati. Vini vidi vici was my thought process afterwards. I had a great time. I went alone. I was like, lesson learned! I needed a break from reality. I’ve learned while most people fear being alone, i find comfort in it. Am I going to be single forever — probably! & no, it’s not a cry for help, check your pity at the door. I’m OK & happy with myself. I like travelling alone. It’s a whole other great experience. Oh, Cincy! I was really surprised at it! I took full advantage of my time there. I got to try Skyline chili. Cincy marks the first time I ever used AirBNB. Good experience with that one.
Saugatuck. When I first heard about Saugatuck, I was like, I wanna go! I love Saugatuck. I will go back. It was such a good getaway, a getaway I truly needed!! I got to experience a staying at a bed & breakfast & staying in a log cabin. i randomly bought a typewriter. I stopped by an antique store as I cruised the breweries. When I saw it I was like, must have! I felt like I owed it to myself to get it. As a writer & for decor. I spent A LOT of time at the winery 😉 Oh! & I got to sleep! Sleep. There’s one thing I’ve been deprived of. I’ve been working a lot. I guess that’s what you do after you graduate. For some, they just get fat and unhappy –er. Every place is it’s own individual place, its great! Every place is an experience. I had some good experiences. I have so much land to conquer. Secretly I’ve been thinking about volume III of “The Cubicle Diaries.” I’m not going to get started on that, but it is on my mind. I’m not ready for that grind & hustle yet. I haven’t posted or written since “Clouded Judgment.” It’s been 2 years since I left California. Still going strong. I can’t help but notice when it comes to that, I feel like the more things change, the more they stay the same. It sounds better in French. I still don’t really miss California. I miss Hollywood. Hollywood was my true love I let go. Love. Cupid is not in my favor at the moment. It’s OK. Fuck a hoe. Oh, wait, I already did that. Or am I the hoe? lol. I don’t know… lol. OK, enough flow-ing. lol. I’m seeing a frienemy relationship going on between us, Cupid & I. I’ve been trying to read more. I read “Envy,” which is a good book. I just wrapped up reading, “A Simple Favor.” Also pretty good. It will soon be adapted into a movie starring the beloved Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick. I have to say, I’m excited to see them opposite of each other. “A Simple Favor” has quite the plot twists. When first reading the book I had an idea who was going to play who. I can see why they were cast in their respective roles. Next on the list is “Dangerous Milo.” I’m having a good time in Chicagoland. I just learned of a handful of museums to check out. There’s so much to learn here. I can see why people fall in love with it here. I can’t stand all the stupid laws & taxes they have here though. Don’t get me started in the sugary-beverage tax. The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing, & sadly before we know it we’ll be packing on holiday weight & celebrating the new year.

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