11th Hour


Tom Brady is a badass. He is proof to never give up. Even when all the world is watching & doubting you, even in the heat of the moment where the temperature is up, even when time is running out, even when you feel like you can’t go anymore or any further, even when you feel like you have lost the Superbowl –pun intended, even when the last grains of sand are running through the hole in the hour glass, even during the last minutes of the 11th hour.

Time is ticking, time is running out. Talk about creating a blaze with just a spark of hope! Talk about not going down without a fight!

Faith. Believe. Strength. Passion. Fire. Motivation. Stamina.

I’m not the biggest football fan, but even I was so proud. In my eyes, because after all you are on my site, & this is my world & you’re just crashing on the couch, all this is is added proof to not get ahead of yourself. We saw the same thing with the presidential election. Sooooo many people thought Hillary had it, but look who won. Look at OJ. Everyone thought he was guilty, & for all we know he [probably] is! But that verdict of ‘the people’ changed the world otherwise. A word to the wise, we should never get too ahead of ourselves. Fate has a way of doing things her way à twist of fate. What fate wants fate gets; fortune is blind.

This story reminds me of our beloved cubby bears, except then I wanted to cry. I started to, too! LOL. I was a proud Chicagoan & baseball holds a piece of me. It took them 108 years for a victory. 108 years versus less than 12 minutes. Don’t ask for a comparison. I am assured anything can happen within a blink of an eye; I’m assured anything can happen; I am assured anything is passible because nothing is impossible. I wish more people had the same momentum, but I’m glad for the people who do because it serves as inspiration for the people who really want to make something of themselves & that thing called ‘life.’ I’m reminded about my own personal aspirations & to keep on going because YOU NEVER KNOW! You can’t win the lotto if you don’t play. Get rich or die trying. It’s like the fat person who loses a ton of weight & ends up looking hotter than you. It’s like the geek who everyone clowned on that is now a billionaire. It’s like the aspiring actor who moves from Canada or across the country & lands a leading role. The American dream is still alive! Even if most of us are sleeping, hypnotized, jaded, cynical, distracted. We can make something out of nothing. Life is not life without its challenges! No one said it would be easy. They always say, ‘it’s so hard.’ It’s so easy to say something is so hard. Yeah, I have my challenges, I am only alien,,, but even I, too, have a dream[s], a heart, emotions, feelings, & a conscience & on occasion a heartbeat. I did say I was alien, right? & at times I could throw in the towel & have the attitude of ‘I’m accomplished’ but I’m not. I’m only just beginning. I still have a long way to go & when I feel like I am getting nowhere, I can now stop & think, what would Tom Brady do?

This story of Tom Brady is so inspiring. That’s probably why he’s praised & glorified the way he is. He deserves it. It’s probably why the Patriots keep on renewing his contract. It’s probably why the Patriots are always referred to as ‘Tom Brady & the Patriots’ –talk about the star of the show. It’s probably why he’s married to one of the hottest super models in the planet! It’s probably why he’s pro! It’s probably why he has that sickass diet. & It’s probably because,,, he’s Tom-fuckin’-Brady! Tom Brady has a new groupie. So, with that said, keep your eye on the clock because if you spend all your time wasting it on what to do time will pass you by. Get the steppin’ because that hour of redemption, that 11th hour, only lasts so long & before you know it your time is over to make a move & that 11th hour is over & time is something we cannot take back.


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