That Thing Called,,,


Sometimes in life we hit a low point & magically, somehow, every new point is a lower one. How is that possible, who knows. It’s just the way the cookie crumbs. It’s kind of like, how did we REALLY get here? OK! NOT going to go there! Save the high talk for when we’re high. Oh, wait,,, LOL. God does write the best soap operas & let’s just say he creates the best characters, too 😉 It reminds me that life, like the Chicagoland weather, is very unpredictable. Fortune is blind & she has no idea what her wheel is spinning! Life is also one big learning experience. It’s so funny. All this melodramatic talk about “life” just reminded me of one of my assistants from China. She was so amusing & cool. We would be talking & she would be like, that’s life, & shake her head tilted to the side. We then made a joke out of it & would always begin to say, that’s life! Speaking of “life,” see, it does take you on some journeys –literally. I mean my life has taken me to live in China! Hell, it’s even allowed me to relocate from Los Angeles to Chicago! See, life is great! It does get better. LOL. On the serious note! I’m fortunate to live a privileged life. Life, on the other hand, can be very beautiful & yes, magical-like. We gotta really learn to take the good with the bad. Let’s not forget one thing, it’s my world & you’re just living in it.




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