Sun One


Planet Earth has officially gone around the sun one time since I’ve been in Chicagoland. One whole ride! & might I say, A LOT has happened during this one turn. I have grown. Have I matured? Ummm,,, yes! LOL. I’m more than a good time. LOL. I’m also a bad time. LOL. You gotta take the good with the bad! Luckily, there was not so much bad during this rotation. There was a lot of good & that was because I also tried to be a better person. Yes, progress is everything, LOL, but I wanna be an even greater person. I’ve experienced all four seasons. WOW. Autumn is my favourite. Thunder & lightning storms are fun. When the city is freshly snowed in, it is beautiful; it’s like there’s white glitter everywhere. I remember one time I walked in the pouring rain with a box of pizza. [Fatass]. The box was soaked, but the pizza was still good. [Fatass]. I was like, I want my pizza & I ain’t waiting or paying for delivery charge! The weather, like people in general, is unpredictable, at times. There was also a lot of challenges. And no, not like the pizza story. I’ve been on a grind & hustle. I’m always up for a good challenge. Keeps the blood pumping. I am in a better place. I love where I am at. I am happy. Now I can take whatever I have learned during my first rotation, which was a fuckin’ crash course, & incorporate it into my second & make it even better. Because after all, they do say, some things are better the second time around 😉




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