Twenty-sexteen was one hell of a year. I want to say, only because it feels like this, it keeps getting better. Some, or a lot, say, after you’re 21 it’s all downhill from there. What exactly does that mean? Is it good or is it bad? Because for me, it’s pretty damn good. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had A LOT of downs, but that’s life. I don’t know, I’m probably just overthinking it like I do everything else. Twenty-sexteen,,, what a year! I’ve said this ad nauseam, time is going by so fast! Time is running out. I feel like Matt Bellamy & the white rabbit! I got a lot done, but I still have so much to attend to. I’ve met some great people. I did a lot of travelling & conquering of new land! LOL. I did A LOT of writing! I published my second book. OMFGG!!! & let’s not forget about that twisted, dark, erotic-like serial, Strange Dreams & Other Things. I exercised my photography. Frequented the theatre & even the ballet! I landed a job with a great company & I can’t wait to move on from my position & start a new one. It has taken me some time to get really settled in & situated. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I would know, I’ve been there. I literally have adventures every day. Every day is a new day & the day will start with or without you. I’ve seen a lot, but I haven’t seen it all. I am STILL not done figuring it out, do blonds have more fun? It was twenty-SEXteen after all,,,


Wasted in WisconSIN / dirty30

I had no idea, & still don’t, what my 30s would have instore for me. I just saw it all as I am reaching a new plateau, a new space, a new level of existence. I felt like I was, and am, entering my 30s with a blindfold on having the slightest clue on what to do & which direction to head in. Talk about a crash course! Yeah I learned A LOT in my twenties, but you become a different person when you turn thirty. There is a shift in view, an epiphany-like feeling. Musical chairs anyone? And by anyone I mean the people in my head. It’s a great & at times a little frightening of a feeling, but edginess is what keeps us alive, & modern medicine. I wanted to leave the city for my 30th. I wasn’t that eager to travel somewhere far for my birthday. I had just come back from an extended vacation in China & frequent trips to Hong Kong, so it was a little safe to say I was OK on the travelling, but with all this grind & hustle, I had to leave the city & take a break! Plus, you only turn 30 once, even if you’re a vampire. I was like, why not Milwaukee? Spend the big 3-0 in the big cheese! I had a gOOd time in Milwaukee. Mill_waaa_keee, Wiss_CONN_sin, as they say it. LOL. It was crazy because my birthday weekend for my 30th was like a conglomerate of everything from my 20s; I got to revisit everything one last time, one last hoorah! I was definitely wasted in WisconSIN, emphasis on the wasted & sin. LOL. I met some cool people. Milwaukee is like a small Chicago. Lakefront Brewery was cool & Water St.



I returned to Milwaukee when the Brewers played the Cubs. When I heard when they were playing each other, I knew it was going to be a good game. I then heard it gets pretty intense, rivalry-ish. I was like, I’m there! Miller Park / Brewer stadium is a cool field. It has a retractable dome to weather the mid-west weather, so it doesn’t ENTIRELY interfere with the lives of the civilians and what they do for entertainment & leisure. It was cool because even when the dome was closed, every time a homerun was hit there was a firework show. I, again, met some really cool people. There were more Cubs fans at the Brewers game than there were Brewers fans! They definitely have faith in their team! Don’t even asked who I rocked. Oh, & apparently I look just like Ryan Braun. Ironically we’re from the same city & area.

imag1800 imag1803



Ya’ll come back now!

I’ve always wanted to go to Tennessee. I don’t know why. It’s just called me, like North Carolina. Of which I have yet to conquer. I loved Nashville. It was the definition of ‘fun.’ I met some cool people & satisfied my hunger for southern food. I have to admit, I did not eat much. I was flabbergasted when I saw a Jack in the Box though. I broke my ‘no commercial fast food restaurant while travelling’ rule only because there is no Jack in the Box in Chicagoland. I was like, give it to me! I ate it & then I was like, gross. Maybe my body was in shock because I haven’t had that kind of grease in over a year & ¾! I had another great experience at a lavish hotel. I met some people & next thing I knew I was rocking out at a country music concert that headlined Keifer Sutherland at the Grand Ole Opry House. I walked so much, like I always do whenever I travel. It was funny because I met someone who shared how much she was over LA, having lived there long enough to call it home. I was like, what a coincidence! She too was in search of a fresh start/new beginning, something more than palm trees & sun. We shared similar thoughts of how we feel about the city of angels. You best believe I rocked my jean attire. If only I had a cowboy hat,,, Music is not my forte, although it has crossed my mind to drop a record, but just being surrounded by all the artist & creative energy, it was a great feeling. Recharging and a form of inspiration. I did get some promoting of ‘TCD’ done, & I did feel rather successful of it. All I kept hearing every time I turned my back to leave a place, & even more so of when I was leaving the enchanted land, was, Ya’ll come back now!






Actual Kentucky Fried Chicken

Like Tennessee, I just wanted to go to Louisville. I was like, why the hell not. Plus, I REALLY needed a break from reality, & this trip would roll tandemly into Thanksgiving, my favourite holiday. One of the many benefits of living in Chicago is that I am centrally located to so many locations. A short airplane ride or a few hour drive will get you somewhere new & interesting to check out in no time. After all, time is running out. Plus, with Louisville, I wanted to try actual Kentucky fried chicken. Fried chicken is fried chicken anywhere, but the way actual Kentucky fried chicken in Kentucky taste it does not compare. I busted a sick ass mission to get to a KFC. SICK!! I was like, this shit better be good because I prefer Popeye’s any day. Having fried chicken in Kentucky is like going to Paris & seeing the Eifel Tower. I purposely broke my ‘no commercial fast food restaurant while travelling’ on this one. KFC in Kentucky was not yummy, it was fuckin’ yammy. It was gOOd! & in my favour the cashier took the wrong order, so I got two meals for the price of one! Hhhhheeeeyyyy!! On the way to finding the KFC, having walked 3 fuckin’ miles because I wanted to see the city & not pay for a lyft, I eventually took a lyft home, I discovered lots of other fried chicken joints. They were all cash only & they were gOOd. By my hotel, & while on my KFC journey, I passed by the Brown Hotel. I was like, I’m gonna go there! It looked like it had hiSTORY all over it! Its spirit drew me. My last day there I went & tried their signature dish, Hot Brown. It was gOOd! My mouth is now watering. Louisville is a cool place. I didn’t market ‘TCD’ as much as I wanted to, but I incorporated it alright. & where I did, it had an effect. It was soooo pretty there! The colorful leaves, the brick & vintage homes. Some of the civilians looked sketchy, but they were nice. Sadly there’s a lot of poverty there. I learned a lot about Bourbon. I learned about the city. I learned there are A LOT of spirits in Old Louisville still roaming around. It was a very ‘brown’ and warm holiday. The success story of Colonel Sanders is like nothing else. Such inspiration.




Return to LA

I haven’t really missed LA. I’ve thought, when will I go back? Life is too crazy & good to be like, oh I miss LA. Sad face. Then I was like, if I go to California, I wanna hit up Napa & SF. I don’t hate LA. I love it, & no matter where life or my career shall take me I will forever be an Angeleno. I just didn’t know when I was going to revisit it. I’m still on sabbatical! Then I was on the phone with a friend one day & I was like, well, I guess I could take an extended weekend vacay break there?!? Then I was like screw it! Why the hell not?!? I didn’t want to spend the holidays there though. LOL. Then when I saw how much my ticket was going to be, I was like, I am DEFINITELY going! My ticket was so cheap I would’ve been stupid not to go. It was a sign! Time to revisit my stomping grounds! This trip back home was one big revisitation trip. I got no marketing done all I did was have fun. Maybe toooo much fun. I hung out with some old friends. It was great & I am VERY thankful for everyone who went out of their way to see me. I revisited some old favourite eateries. I had plans to try new ones, & I think I did –from what I CAN remember of the trip – LOL!! Ironically I ended up at a Clippers game with some sickass seats. I FINALLY got to see The Broad Museum, which is a GREAT museum. There is SO MUCH good artwork there. I got to revisit my love, Hollywoodland. I got to celebrate Pagago’s birthday with her! A little early! LOL! It’s weird because there was enough time & then there wasn’t. Then I concluded, I needed to go home. Home, home, Chicago home. When I got back to Chicago, I had an awakening, a moment of realization. I realized I am VERY happy where I am at & I did make a good decision on moving on from home/ LA, not that I ever regretted or questioned moving or leaving, but to get that answer unknowingly & unwillingly is great. It’s a personal message only you can deliver to yourself & only you interpret the way it is supposed to sound. When I returned to LA it was like I had never left. & it was so funny listening to people say, it’s cold & watching them bundle up in clothes. I’m like, busta please! I just left 14 degree weather. It’s nearly 65. Then I was like, well, most of these people are maybe trying to make a fashion statement? Who knows when I will return to LA again?




A Plan B that has always been a Plan A / Start the New Year out with a Bang

So I always say I’ve always had the urge to go here & there & don’t really have an explanation why, which is true to the max, but I’ve always wanted to, especially as of late, go to Minneapolis. I’ve always thought it would be a cool city to check out. I like, “YA [Young Adult].” I actually just borrowed it from the library, again! I love the ‘Walsh’ family & I should’ve put more effort into finding their house! I get a good feeling about Minneapolis. I know it’s one of the coldest cities in America & they have no clothing or food tax! Minneapolis for New Year’s wasn’t the original plan. Canada was. Canada was just another spare of the moment idea. But the plans changed when one of the attendees learned his passport was expired. So Minneapolis it was! I couldn’t be more excited. Canada can wait. It was cold. But for Minnesotans, it was a warm day. I did some damage there & had a GREAT time. I loved it all. Plus, it was New Year’s. Time for a new & start the New Year out with a bang & that is EXACTLY what I did –pun intended 😉 My friends & I hit up Mall of America. It was cool. Did some shopping, dining, drinking –LOL! & some roller coaster riding –pun intended. LOL. It was great. My friend was going to meet a friend while we were up there & his friend booked reservations at a place for brunch, LUSH. It turns out this place puts on drag shows, so it was this huge thing. It was great & entertaining. The food was good. The mimosas, I don’t know though. I swear I had about 60 & still felt nothing. I had a good time. I went with some good people & met some cool people. I didn’t no marketing for ‘TCD’ there, but it’s OK! Because everyone needs some leisure time. It’s not like I’m not marketing in other ways. Minnesota reminded me of Portland, & I LOVED Portland. I am so fortunate. I’m also fortunate to experience another time where the last minute plans turn out to be the best! Until next time, Minnesota!


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