A League of Their Own


108 years is a long time. A LONG! Some people say, wow, they’re that shitty that it took them, the Cubs, 108 years to win another series? But the way I see it, it shows that they fought to get what they wanted even if it took a century. It shows you to never give up! Even if it takes a century to accomplish it.

The first time I came to the White City, which ironically occurred a few Novembers ago, I was like, I HAVE TO GO THERE! I was so intrigued by the stadium. I’ve always had a fascination with Wrigley Field & the Cubs. When Pagogo decided she was coming to town, I was like, we should go to a game! & then ironically I was like, OMFGG! The Cubs are playing the Dodgers! & in case you didn’t know, I’m from LA, & in case you didn’t know, baseball is my favourite sport! Well, besides,,, never mind! I was like, we have to go! I was torn on which blue to bleed. & yes, I got shit for it, but I rocked my Cubs gear! I was torn, as I always am, but I was like, screw it! Courtesy of my Pagogo, we got some gOOd tickets & it was a great time! But to my defense, when the Dodgers came back for the playoffs, I did rock my Dodger gear.

[When it finally hit me] I thought it was a little ironic that ‘A League of Their Own,’ one of my top four favourite movies, is set where I am currently located. I was a little excited when I learned that Rockford is an actual place. As is Racine, Kenosha, & South Bend. For the record, I’ve seen a lot, I haven’t seen it all. I remember being in my seat at Wrigley Field thinking, this IS ‘Harvey field!’ The Ivy, the aisles.

What’s even more interesting is the way it goes back to life imitating art, art imitating art; the comparison of the movie & the victory for our precious cubbies, the journey. The Indians leading, The Belles leading. The Cubs fighting back, the Peaches fighting back. The 3-3 tie. How one of the members on the Indians is from Chicago & grew up a Cubs fan & then having to compete against them for the world series, competing against ‘what he knew.’ Which is very similar to ‘Kit’s’ turn of events getting traded at the last moment & having to compete against everyone she knew.

I felt obliged to tune into the series. With my schedule as busy as it is being a rockstar & all, & “avoid[ing] the clap,” I had to incorporate time into tuning in. I was even willing to be old school & listen to it on the radio, but then I learned my damn ipod doesn’t get AM frequency! WTF Apple!?!? & FYI, maybe you should consider your airpods, too. I owed it to myself, I owed it to the true baseball fan I am. “Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up, you can’t deny that.”

During the World Series, the whole city was electrified. It was a great feeling I could not brush off. & as it is, Chicago is a very prideful city that invests into itself A LOT. I mean, they should. The taxes are so damn high here!

I found myself investing more time & energy into the city where I currently call home. I was proud & happy to be here, more than what I standardly feel. & up until just yesterday, I realized after “bam, it hit me right in the head,” I realized I have a REALLY big crush on Chicago. I think I’m in love. Discovering what ‘Fly the W’ really means. Constantly seeing the slogan, go Cubs go! Laughing & thinking it’s a little silly & cheesy, but then having a sort of epitome of it all & thinking, it all makes sense! I was the one who felt cheesy, silly, & stupid. & then when the Cubs FINALY won after thinking, “we’re gonna won!” after going into an extra inning  & after the infamous rain delay, having the place where I was at bump & repeat the song, Go Cubs Go, it all made sense!! I tweeted, proudly, waved that fucking W! Looks like I didn’t just trade my palm trees for willow trees, I also traded my Westside W for Wrigley. It was such a good game. It was thrilling. Everyone was jumping for joy. Mind you, it was a work night, a school night, a late night, but that didn’t stop anyone from celebrating. Then, when nearly everyone on the streets decided to hit up Wrigley field it was even more electrifying! It was magical. Maybe it had to do with the new moon? Half of Chicago either called in sick, or showed up to work still trashed the next day. I swear, I don’t know how I made it to work. Never underestimate, or take for granted, your internal alarm clock. I wanted to cry watching the over the top proud expression the players had as they sprayed champagne everywhere & laughed & cheered & jumped for joy & collided into each other unit first – it definitely was baseball! But then I remembered one thing, “there’s no crying in baseball.” I felt so proud. I could relay to what they were feeling, the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling that not everyone gets to experience because, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” I am so lucky to have experience it all. It then reminded me that I was in Boston when the Red Sox were in the World Series a few years ago. I then couldn’t help but think, am I baseball’s good luck charm? LMFAO!!!! Some might say it was better that I stopped playing! LOL. & then I remembered, sadly, it’s not all about me. & then I was like, “Oh, piss on your hat!” Til this day, after all these years & no matter how many times I have seen it, ‘A League of Their Own’ still hits me where it hurts & where I’m soft & it makes me ball more than ever. I guess it hits a little too close to home. & then I realized, the Cubs, the Cubs are in ‘A League of Their Own.’



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