Call Me Cliché


I’m not a superstitious person, but on occasion I believe in clichés, and that’s only because for the most part all clichés are true. I have this thing with fortune cookies. Every time I see some coming my way with the bill, I can easily detect which one is mine. Is it because of my ESP(n)? Probably, but either way, they say when you know, you know.

Sometimes I don’t always get the cookie that catches my eye and I’m like, fuck! I should’ve got the other cookie! Especially if it’s a good fortune! But then I think, what if I intercepted someone else’s fortune and was meant to see what may happen in their life that can somehow link to mine? I question almost everything, which is a problem. And that’s only because anything is possible. I also think it’s weird when you get the same fortune twice.

The other day I was walking and stumbled across a fortune on the floor. As it was, it was meant to be for me to cross it. Out of complete curiosity, because after all it did kill the cat, more than once, I picked it up to see what it had to say. I hate thinking should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. I’m learning to take opportunities, right and wrong, right when it comes my way, so maybe all this questioning will cease! –Life is a learning experience! We live and learn, and sadly for some, they have to get Luvs.

It said that I was going to come across other means of income. I was like, OK! Next thing I knew, like a week later, I was receiving somewhat of a job offer. I was like, co-incidence? Could it be? Timing? They say everything happens for a reason. Sadly, the bad, too, but we can’t enjoy the good if there wasn’t any bad.

But then my last one, which caught my eye right as the waiter was approaching me, I grabbed purposely, adamantly and forcibly because this time one of the little voices in my head said “take it!” I was so satisfied with it and I was so glad I made that move. It said I was in for an adventure. The next thing that happened, unknowingly that night, I became blonde. And they say blondes have more fun.

The cat is killed, slaughtered.

And with that, I have to be open and fearless the most, especially to the unexpected because that is the only way our characters will grow; we’ll never know how something is until we find out for ourselves. Let’s face it, we can take people’s advice and we can take precautions, but ultimately, it all goes in one ear and out the other. Bottom line, call me cliché, but expect the unexpected. Anything is passible because nothing is impossible (–Alice in Wonderland).

Oh! And by the way, since we’re on the matter, SPOILER ALERT! “Expect the Unexpected” is a CRUCIAL chapter in Volume Two of The Cubicle Diaries: Friends Close, Co-Workers Closer. I am soooooo excited for this one. More details will follow.


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