PDR [PlayaDelRey]


They say life’s a beach. Well, maybe it is.

Sometimes we shine and glisten the way the sun reflects off the water. Sometimes we’re dark and gloomy like when the rain is falling; there nothing like seeing water hit water.

The unfamiliar is like the water, freezing cold at first, but like anything as long as we’re around it enough we’ll get used to it.

Our capabilities and goals are bottomless, the way the ocean is perceived.

Sometimes shit gets intense and the tide rises high, and there we are calling that shoulder to cry on, just like a lifeguard.

Sometimes in life we’re lost, we feel stranded and hopeless, just like someone who is lost at sea.

Sometimes we erupt and act out of anger and do things we never thought we could imagine doing, just like a tsunami.

Some people are like the beach, only good at specific times.

Some of us think we have it all going on, but like the debris all they are is washed up.

Finding a best friend is like finding a sand dollar, so rare that when we find it, we better hold onto it. Our perfect match is like a mermaid, existence is extremely questionable.

As for rejection, there are plenty of fish in the sea. We must all be aware of sharks. Everyone swears they’re an angelfish. And don’t even get me started on crabs!

One thing is for sure, we always must wear a protection–life jackets and sunscreen of course!– otherwise, we’ll be sorry.

The moon is to the water as fate it’s to our lives, it’s said to control everything.

Life gets tangled like loose seaweed that wraps around your legs.

White sand, brown sand, rocks, is pretty much the same, as long as it’s not dirt!

Footprints in the sand are like our marks in life, they can be washed away as if we were never there.

Life is full of wonders, like the bottom of the ocean floor.

The beach isn’t perfect every day, like everyone’s life, but for the most part, life is just like a beach.


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