Help Me Now

MOCA (19)

You seem so simple, yet underneath there’s so much going on.

I am an HD radio, and your presence causes my frequency to intercept nothing but static.

You make me think reality is fiction,

You are too good to be true.

When I see you, I see two things: purity and boldness;

It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and it’s something I thought I’d never find.

You make everyone want to look at you,

For no one can resist turning their head or double looking when you cross their path.

I don’t know what is better, listening to you speak or looking at you come my way,

But every time you come my way, I feel like a foreigner in my native land.

Regardless, I am headed for a reckoning.

A sight for sore eyes: an understatement,

For looking at you strengthens my weakening eye sight.

And when I see you going, going away,

It’s back to melancholy and darkness like before the light of day.

Gifted in height, body shape, and looks,

Help me now,

For you make me think it’s a full moon every night.

The gleams of crystals in your eyes makes you shine bright even in the dark.

I never thought this was possible, but because of you I know I have a heart.

Your strong force makes my metal guard liquidate,

Your enigmatic persona can cause scientists to go mad;

Trying to figure you out is like trying to break the firewalls of Homeland Security’s secret database,

But if it gets us talking then I will learn any gibberish internet codes I have to.

The more I don’t attempt to talk to you,

The deeper I make my lovesick wound.

The world doesn’t exists when you’re around for I am in a pool of quicksand, caught, grasping for dear life,

But is it wrong to want to die if I know you were right there by my side?

Torture is what I feel when I am not acknowledged.

And as I see you fading away to your everyday life,

It’s like letting a leprechaun go without asking for the pot of gold, or not asking a unicorn for a ride.


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