The Real Question Is,,,

Descanso_Gardens (82)

As the New Year arrives we can’t help but ask ourselves what’s in-store. So many questions fill my head. The New Year is great because it gives us individuals the chance to start anew. (And in a sense lie to ourselves). Sometimes you gotta fake it to make it. Anyhow, I’m happy and I’m going to make this year the best. All I can try to do is make the best of everything. Think positive & you will get positive. All I am is someone who dreams. I rely on my hope. It can’t let me down, it’s all I have. I’ve been reflecting on my accomplishments, and the ones that are coming up for fulfillment, and I keep on asking myself still, what’s next? I have to keep on hustling it. I may have accomplished a lot for my age, but I’m not done. I have so much to exercise. I have been a little tired lately, because I’ve been living by such a strict schedule and trying to make the most of my time, and I find myself then thinking, what would Ryan Seacrest do? Bazooka Joe comic # 46 says, if you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep! And then I wonder, how many hours of sleep does Ryan Seacrest get a night!?! Because that mofo is getting shit done! It’s good to hustle, but not burn your fuse out, so little breaks here and there are OK, but don’t get comfortable.

Then I was thinking, what the hell did all those social media freaks do when Facebook was down for those forty-five minutes!? Talk about Dante’s Inferno, talk about purgatory! Talk about the wrong type of blast from the past. Seriously, what did the world do for forty-five minutes!?! I bet the servers almost crashed because of all the selfies and food posts the caused a traffic jam that were trying to be up loaded once the site was back on. I thought Mark Zuckerberg’s character said, “…the Facebook could never go down” – The Social Network. He also said, “The Facebook is like fashion, it’s never done.” And that is the way I feel about The Cubicle Diaries! It’s never done. And that’s when I say, shit happens! I wonder how many panic attacks there were. I wonder how many people felt so lonely that they couldn’t overrate their lives, or put their personal business out there for the world to know, or the rather act like they care. Imagine that one person who finally decided to stop following that other one person because they could no longer stand their posts, or them in general, and finally worked up enough nerve to cut them off only to be derailed by the down network. Or rather even worse! That one person who finally worked up enough nerve to friend request their crush and when they went to sign on, butterflies in their stomach, all of them, their hopes signed off. Oh the irony! So sad! Better luck next time! Here’s something for you,,, Why don’t you approach that person in person and hold a conversation!?! Bitches be like,,, I love someone who can give me a good conversation, but when a busta calls there is no answer only a text a few minutes later stating, what’s up? Oh shit! That’s right à Rise of the Agoraphobics.

I finally did something I’ve been longing to do. I #finally dyed my hair blonde. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a loooong time & I finally did it. I just said, f-*& it! I’ve done brown, but never this full on. And I’m gonna say, I like it! Aside from all my curiosities, the real question is, do blondes have more fun?


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