Winter Solstice

DTLA (16)

They say we should do what we love.
Luckily this year I did all of the above.
In fact, that is my mission in life, to be all of the above.
Is it safe to start reflecting on 2014?
I believe so.
I’m glad the winter solstice day landed on a Sunday.
It caps the week off good, and makes Sunday feel nice and long.
I thought September was a mark itself because it hosts the conclusion of summer and direction towards fall, which is crazy because that is something itself, and everyone “loves” their summers  ‘Summertime Sadness,’ but from fall to winter… Wow!
Who knows what to expect.
We should all expect the unexpected.
It sounds cliché, but, for the most part, all clichés are true.
I can expect the winter to be cold.
And no, I am not a groundhog.
Just a hog.
So far, recently, it has been cold in LA.
I learned sooo much!
I was just thinking the other day how I am concluding this year on a “Hustle”.
2014: Year of the Hustle.
I definitely learned a lot about myself.
I just finished another quarter.
–Of school!
Almost done!
I published my first book.
I’ve met some pretty random people.
I did my travelling.
I did my restauranting.
I am very fortunate.
My birthday was fun.
My half birthday was better.
I did a lot of LA.
Lots of city,
Lots of beach.
I have fallen victim entirely to American Horror Story, and I don’t even have an addictive personality.
It’s one of those victimizations you don’t mind being the victim of; it’s more than a guilty pleasure.
It’s one of those guilty pleasures you get pleasure for being guilty of.
I’ve always followed it, but now I REALLY follow it.
It’s also really hard
To say which is my favourite installment.
I kind of wanna say Coven?
I cannot crack exactly what it’s going to be for season5.
I have ideas.
I have assumptions.
But I don’t know…
I know the top-hat is a “big” clue.
This makes me think of anything that pertains to it.
The circus?
Old Hollywood?
Will they use the story of Peg Entwistle?
Or the prohibition era?
Something that takes place in Kansas and has to do with slavery?
I do not know!
Will it be part of a travelling circus?
And will that be too much of a relation to Freak-show?
I can be completely off based.
It wouldn’t be the first time.
I don’t know…
Hampton is such a big boy.
For the most part, I stayed true to my new year’s resolutions, and it has me thinking now, should I even bother making new ones for 2015?
I really want to hit up the gym, but I can’t until like the 3rd week of January because that mofo will be packed with all the people who claim they want to “lose weight,” “get toned,” or “stay fit” for the new year, so I need to turn to nature and utilize its resources like hiking and my pull-up bar in the meantime.
It’s like school in the beginning of the semester at community college school.
It’s almost time to start focusing entirely on Volume II.
Make it more than just a thing to touch up on.
Bears may hibernate,
And birds may fly south,
But I
Will have to get to work!
The conversion of the seasons, and with the stars aligning and all because of winter solstice, I cannot help but think of all the possibilities the next year has to offer.
It’s all so symbolic.
Ah, the perks of life.
Holiday cheer to you,
Dear reader,
2015 is full of surprises.
I am ready to act on them,
The best has yet to come.


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