The Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but that doesn’t mean the thanking stops there. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving, who doesn’t love leftovers!?! And might I say there are plenty of left overs that I cannot even picture going to town on. I am so full I feel like a damn rhinoceros. Not only am I thankful, but I am so FULL! Therefore, I am thankFULL. Yeah, idiot, I know!

In case you didn’t know, not only is November my favourite month, but Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. And no, it is not because I am a closeted rhinoceros who appears to be skinny but in reality I am this huge beast, actually, I take that back… LOL.

Another year of Thanksgiving traditions: wear brown, watch thanksgiving television episodes, contribute towards the cooking, send those certain people texts telling them how thankful I am to have them in my life, and how thankful they are to have me in theirs. LMFAO. JK! To me, those small little things like “thank you” texts matter so much, but most of all I reflected on all that I am thankful for in general, more than just a whole. The ‘English’ in me would say an explication on being thankful. This year I added a new tradition: wear orange and watch ‘Jack and Jill’ which might I say is one of my three favourite movies besides “A League of Their Own” –don’t judge! LMFAO and “The Great Gatsby,” which happens to have an awesome soundtrack, BTW. And of course, what is Thanksgiving without a side of drama. This year I got lucky and didn’t have a full on course of drama like I have had in my yesteryears, I’d say it was rather small, very small portion like a hor d’ourve of it.

I may have given thanks once today, but I don’t think I can stop there. Giving thanks is eternal for me. Thankful is what I am because I have so much to be thankful for. I never want to go looking unappreciative because I despise that in people. I cannot stand ungrateful people. I actually have a name for them, ungrateful little brats. There comes a time after giving and giving when one should just cut the cord and let that person go without any remorse. It amazes me when that/ those unappreciative little brats have the audacity to get mad when you finally decide to cut them off. Suddenly you’re the villain. LMFAO. No, Smitty, suddenly I am the smart one. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about unappreciative little brats and how some of them have the nerve to get mad at me because I finally decided to cut them loose. The world is so corrupt and everyone’s excuse is always, Well, I have to look out for myself because no one else will. Umm, HELLO! You had no shame milking me and did I ever complain!?! No. But maybe it was stupid of me to be a good shoulder to lean on, or someone to turn to. Now, my shoulder is turned and you can face my back and I dare you to backstab me. Oh wait, you already did that. In fact, it was stupid of me to deal with certain people for so long ESPECIALLY because I know how certain people did, but now, I am thankful that I finally woke up and decided to throw the trash out, scraps and all. Frankly, I don’t feel bad for cutting certain people loose. I just try to be the friend, and person, I would want in return and it is a shame that most people do not have the same mentality. Now, once I see certain traits and patterns of people from what I now consider my yesteryears, I am cutting them loose. You’ll get a chance because everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, and I believe that “shit happens,” but for the most part I am not going to waste anyone’s time, especially mine. Been there, rocked that! It amazes me how we grow old, but people never seem to grow up. And then there are those people who are just all talk and full of shit. Pun intended. Which I cannot stand either because they are like mice; they can multiply and multiply overnight! They say we live and learn, and well, I am still living and still learning. And because of my right choices, I can say I am living well.

But then I got to remember, not everyone is published or educated. Well, you know what, I can successfully say, that is not my problem. I only got to look out for myself! People are so skeptical to invest in themselves and sadly, the only thing they’re willing to invest in is plastic surgery. And it makes me laugh my ass off when it all goes to waste, because for the most part we all know it does.

I hate to sound cynical or contradictory, but I am thankful for those shady people because it reminds me to never be like them. I’m thankful for people who make poor choices because its guidance for me. I’m thankful for TV & good TV because we can really learn a thing or two from it. I’m thankful I am well-travelled because it has broadened my mentality. I’m thankful for neoliberalism because it reminds me no one is going to do anything for me, because “we all have to look out for ourselves.” I’m thankful for the public library. It’s such a valuable resource! I owe them three dollars by the way, but they still trust me and I only owe them because the lazy ass clerk didn’t input my return in a timely manner so now I gotta pay! But it’s OK, I use the shit out of them. I’m thankful for idiots and gossip. I’m thankful for my hot body and fortunate good looks because there are some ugly people out there–inside and out. I’m not Kanye’s fan, but he was right, the prettiest people do the ugliest things and I have noticed, the prettiest people tend to be the most broken. I am thankful for my sense of style and creativity. I’m thankful for my support system and my higher power. I am thankful for the light and the dark. We would not appreciate one without the other. I am thankful for my health and my freedom. I am thankful for the attitude I have, my mindset. I am thankful for most of my family members. I am thankful for my appetite on all levels. And as for you dear reader, I am thankful for you. This holiday marks the one year anniversary of I hope you stop and reflect on all that you’re thankful for and actually express you’re thankful because that all it takes, a simple “Thank You.” I could go on and on about all that I am thankful for, but I have pie and more wine to attend to.

Gobble Gobble.


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