A tangent that didn’t mean to start off as a tangent —> The Rise of Agoraphobics

D.C. (5)

The end of the year may be coming, but all sorts of new beginnings are beginning to line up. I don’t want to reflect on 2014 just yet, because it is still not over, but I will say, WHAT A YEAR! And it’s CRAZY because I do not even know what to think about 2015 and what is going to happen then. I will tell you that I feel myself going in a good direction. I feel it and I feel superior in a good way and not in some cocky, arrogant way either. I feel like I am on some type of pedestal. I am moving forward in my life and it feels all the better because I have confidence by my side. I already know two major events for me and 2015 that are going to happen, and No, I am not going to share them just yet. Why? Because I am not one to talk about it, I am one to be about it. Not only do I dream big, but I push to make shit happen, and I do not waste all my time dreaming. It’s crazy because my launch party acted as so much. It was such a pivotal point for me. It was my half birthday which means I have completed half of my twenty-eighth year, and now I can put the pedal to the metal and really make shit happen for the other half. Literally, my launch party/ half birthday acted as the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. And no, it is not a pun for my book or the fact that I am a writer, that’s really just the way I feel, and I really hope everyone does something for themselves where they too can have the same feeling because it’s a really good feeling. I feel like an entirely different person, a good person, a better person. I feel so good too [about myself, and no, it is not because I was anywhere near insecure] because I have terminated my relationship with a few beings for my own personal good. Everyone is always talking about bettering themselves, but people try it for like a week and then go back to their old self because they are scared of change. It [also] makes me laugh when people are always talking about cutting the bad out of their life when in reality they’re the bad, or when people are so broken and empty that their number one mission is to try and rain on people’s parade hoping they can make themselves feel better, but like every high it comes crashing down –hard. And then there are the people who do nothing but overrate and fabricate their life on social media, but in reality they’re this empty, broken, anti-social freak who does not know how to act when he/she is in public because all they do is hide behind a damn computer all day! I swear, I blame the internet for so much, especially for messing up people’s social skills. Most people do not know how to act anymore, and anyone who insists on letting the internet run their life is pathetic. Agoraphobics seem to be the masters of social media. I have noticed that some of the weirdos are the really old people who feel they need to post everything online, as if people care, and the ones of the younger generation who know nothing better. Shouldn’t the older people be working!?! On my last trip, to Washington DC, I saw some dumb brod take three different pictures in the cafeteria of our hostel within a matter of like 10 minutes. I wanted to tell her to give it a rest already! And I bet she only got like 2 likes combined out of it all, too! Actually, the younger generation seems to be hurting the most when it comes to people skills because this is all they know. Sad. I look at some of my school mates who act weird and I can’t say, get a life, because sadly, they think they have one.

Wow, what a tangent. Anyhow, my overall message, do something worthy to lift your spirit, don’t be a real negative person and cut anyone in your life who is regardless of how long you have known them because they will never change, and have some human-to-human interaction with another human being and not a damn avatar.


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