The Black Rose Kiss of Death Ball


It finally happened! I #finally had my launch party. “The Cubicle Diaries: There’s Something in the Coffee” has officially debuted. The Black Rose Kiss of Death Ball happened, and I can confidently say it was successful. Everything turned out EXACTLY like I wanted it to. There was black roses everywhere, and a few white ones to spice up the décor; there was champagne flowing throughout the night. The appetizers were BOMB! And my second to last demand besides having everyone look fly, the red velvet cake with the cream cheese icing was superb. It was magical. The weather was perfect all while ‘Blame’ was bumping in the background. It’s so funny because one year ago, when I actually wanted to launch my book, it did not happen and I was saddened by it, but everything worked out for the better and I got SUPER lucky and I was able to get what I wanted come this year. It was such a good event. And if you check out “The Cubicle Diaries” page on Instagram or my Facebook, you can see. And if you are not too much of an anti-social lurker then add me. I won’t bite –hard. So many people complimented not only me on my hosting skills but the venue itself. Held at the rooftop of the beautiful and legendary Rockwell inside the decorative and historical Los Feliz Village, everything went so smooth it feels unreal. I was surrounded by so many great people, I would not change anything for the world. Yes, I did want everyone I invited there, but now that I think about it, everyone who I really wanted there was. I mainly invited my family and a lot of “old” friends, people who I have “grown up” with and known for a long time, and I use quotes on grown up because let’s face it some of us have yet to grow up! Sadly. But I also had a few new friends. I did not just invite anyone to make sure people attended because we all know that the one fear of throwing a party is having no one attend. I felt so privileged to have so many people come and make the effort for me. And I say “so many” because it was a packed house. Even security had to come up and make sure I was not over capacity. I loved it because the area was so private. We could see everything, but everything could not see us. When people walked up the ramp, it was like a red carpet event; everyone looked like a celebrity, not just me. I believe, and was complimented on, my hosting skills, as well as my outfit which was great. I had a classy, vintage bowtie courtesy of my BFF, and might I say it was quite the penny. I devoted a specific amount of time to everyone. I wanted all of my guests to know that I knew they were there. As I reflect on my magical night, I just think about everyone who was of attendance, everyone who went to celebrate me! Yes, I wish everyone I invited attended, but when I actually think about it, everyone who I REALLY wanted there was. And as for my “old” friends who did not make it, it helps me understand and realize and reassure myself that they are considered “old” for a reason. For the most part, some, or most, of them will just be left behind in the chapter I just closed; this is an exciting new beginning for me and I do not need “old” baggage. This was in fact one of the biggest nights of my life and writing career. As for my new friends that went out of their way to attend, I cannot be happier they are in the new chapter of my life that I am beginning. They are proof that it does not matter how long you know someone, it is the depths they are willing to go to support you. Those are the kind of people one should have around. It’s SO CRAZY! I cannot believe it finally happened! I feel so lifted! I feel more like an example and inspiration more than ever! I am so thankful for my support system that helped me construct the party. I feel lifted, high and glamourous. I cannot stop smiling. Ain’t no mother fucker raining on my parade, especially if the actual rain did not ruin my party.

“May this be proof that dreams do come true” –Otter Holmes


One thought on “The Black Rose Kiss of Death Ball

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