‘Til September

SALEM (22)

My oh my has the time flown by. Talk about being gone ’til September. Well, I am back! So much for waking me up when September ends. Wake me up now! Actually don’t. I’m living in a fantasy. I’m more alive than ever.
I am glad summer is coming to an end. Summer is overrated. In case you forgot, check out my “Summertime Sadness” post.
I love the fall & I’m not afraid to wear white after Labor Day. [I know I’ll still be fly.]

“The Cubicle Diaries” has officially launched and I heard it is causing quite a stir and this isn’t a pun for you coffee stirrers. LMAO. This is the real deal. And the best thing is, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. All this hype is pushing me to follow up on my follow up. All of which I am working on because face it, the cooks in the kitchen never stop working.

Regardless of where time is going, it’s going and it ain’t stopping! If I wasn’t planning an escape to have some “me” time and promote my book then I would be party planning for my launch party, but I can’t put all my eggs in 1 basket; Rome wasn’t built in a day. I would know, I’ve been there. But as for right now, I’ll be in the East.


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