Freshly Pressed, Deep Dark Roast


Otter Holmes tackles intricate life of office work to be on top 

‘The Cubicle Diaries’ tells what happens when office workers get close to co-workers while trying to get on top of their game

LOS ANGELES – Derek Johnston starts his new career and tells himself he needs to step up his game and become a professional, especially if he wants to be taken seriously. That all changes when he learns his co-workers are not as “professional” as they all come off to be. In fact, before he realizes it, Derek learns that he and his co-workers share a few more things in common than just being under the same payroll.

“The Cubicle Diaries” (published by Xlibris), written by author Otter Holmes, revolves around the career of Derek as he gets his first “real” job in The Firm Firm. He has to be extremely professional but he also realizes there is a lot more to his co-workers than meets the eye. Slowly, he learns that everyone at his new job not only has a history with each other, but more so a double (personal) life that tends to bleed into their professional life. Derek is somehow always caught in the middle of it because he has become the “it” boy that everyone seems to have an interest in. Now, it is too late to stop what they all started. The fine line between professional and personal is violated on any and all levels. It is a dog eat dog world and everyone is starving for a position at the top that only seats one.

For Holmes, “The Cubicle Diaries” is extremely entertaining and easy to read. It is a story everyone can relate to. It is a lot of art imitating, life imitating art. Readers will find themselves, or will see their co-workers in the characters. There is back to back drama, he added. Soon everyone will know that there is definitely something in the coffee…

“The Cubicle Diaries”

By Otter Holmes

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781499027006

Softcover | 6 x9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781499027013

E-Book | 154 pages | ISBN 9781499026993

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Otter Holmes is a Los Angeles native.


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