“Previously on… ‘The Blogger’s Tales’”


Everyone’s favourite “shit” girl returns with a vengeance.
[and someone else’s baby]

Some is acting like a diva, and that someone uses the men’s room and pees sitting down.

The platypus is in one of her moods –again.

Social services were called on la llorona –again.

El gaupo is accused of stealing from the cookie jar at his job, but in reality it is really the nun and the madame.

The hoarder dumped out the trash and opened the window.
[Something must be wrong… or right?]

The godfather is being sued by an ex-assistant of hers for abuse.
[Soon it will be a class action]

The American is getting rid of her accent.
[and now she won’t shut up]

The doctor finally took his meds.
[chewables, that is]

And the gardener finally watered his grass –if you know what I mean. The saying is true, the grass IS always greener on the other side.
[fuck the draught]


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