Summer Solstice


I don’t know what it is, the stars must be aligning, there must be something in the water of the beaches I’ve been frequenting, but what I do know is “There’s Something in the Coffee!”

“The Cubicle Diaries: There’s Something in the Coffee” is officially alive, IT’S ALIVE! Can I get a “finally”!?!?



Through all the drama, hassle, hustle, isolation, determination, sacrifices and so on I can FINALLY have something to show for. I can officially call myself a “writer.” Yes, I am a writer, but now I have a piece to actually show for. It’s there in black and white –with lots of color. Plus, the best thing is there are 2 more books to follow. What started off as 1 book turned into 3. Yeah, the story gets that complicated, and it’s not one of those trilogies where the 1st book is good and the rest suck. This story gets better and better.

[Double OMFGG]

My first writing project is an actual series, and might I say a damn good series, too. “The Cubicle Diaries” series isn’t just another series out there. It’s original, dark, addicting, it pushes the limits there are between being personal and professional; it’s the definition of not being able to stop what has started, and taking things for what they are worth and running with it. I like TCD because it has a little bit of everything, but a lot of drama, sex, scandal, love, hate, the work life –all those things we hate loving and love hating. With storylines that seem damn near over the top and sometimes scary, TCD delivers. It will definitely make the reader wonder, “Things like this really happened during work hours?” But I have a little bummer for you, a writer never tells 😉

James Franco and Lauren Conrad better watch it. Oh yeah, and what’s her name, E.L. James. Available now at:,, and Oh yeah, it’s the one with the black rose. I loved writing every moment of it, and there was a lot of writing moments. There was never a time where I wrote when I was bored. Hopefully the passion is visible, and this isn’t just for the 1st volume, it’s for the entire series.

I’m in a time where I don’t want it to end. Something I have worked soooo hard for can finally see the light of day. The day seems eternal, like the Summer Solstice, and I am fine with it. When I really think about it, I’m like, Wow, I am in for one wild ride and I don’t think my lap bar is securely locked :O


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