The Year is Still Young


May: the year is still young. The weather is warm, and we still have a whole other half to discover. We’ll see how interesting it gets…

I’ve been doing a lot lately, a lot of everything. A lot of thinking, a lot of eating, like a SFB, and a lot of photographing.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine & since I’ve had a little more than usual time on my hands, I decided to put that bad boy of a camera to use & make some rounds around Los Angeles. I guess you can say I’m initiating an “LA Project II,” but it’s not on the front burner so don’t get it twisted because something else has my undivided attention.

Photography was pushed aside for something of a little more importance: “TCD,” which is soon going to make its debut!

But back to pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words & let’s just say that some of the ones in my personal inventory are valued @ 1 word, 3 syllables: O.M.G. But let’s not go there to those, those pictures are saved on a break-in-case-of-emergency basis. We’ll keep those ones saved in the vault in case a few chicken heads step out of line — if you know what I mean.

With the second half of the year approaching, anything can happen. They say when one door closes, another one opens, but sometimes, when that door closes, we should lock it; otherwise, we’re gonna find ourselves running in the same circles, chasing our own tail like a dumbass dog, getting nothing done, wondering and doing nothing but trying to figure out where time has gone, all because you, not me, have nothing to show for but wrinkles & a beer belly. But you sure loved kicking it with the homies posting shit on Instagram post after post after post after post after– to over rate your life, hoping to give people more than 1000 words to gossip & talk [shit] about.

Yes, haters gonna hate…

In case you, yes you, were wondering, some of us have standards, and although not having any shame can seem cool and funny sometimes, for the most part, not having any shame is nothing to be proud of.

Back to the unknown. Anything is passible because nothing is impossible. It all makes me wonder where I will be. I am sensing a change soon. Something I have been kind of looking into for a while, but now I am ready to make it happen, but it’s all still up in the air so we’ll see what the stars have to say about that. Sometimes what we don’t know is what’s best for us, but we always want some type of clue or hint as to what the future has in-store for us. Is it me or is there just no winning!

Back to LA. It’s funny how we live somewhere, but never really see or experience what our surroundings have to offer. People are so sheltered in their fabulous, overrated lives-thank God for social media! & yes, I abuse it like everyone, too, but only to an extent. I’m not one of those who actually do it for attention- that they become oblivious to things. Add that to the list of things you take for granted, besides me. Here I go, didn’t I say I’ve done a lot of thinking!?! See what you started?

[Enough about Eve!]

So, since the year is still young & for those who have not paid a visit to the tarot card reader -only because you are afraid of the real truth & you’d rather chase your tail, or someone else’s —-hhhheeeeyyy! A little fun won’t hurt,,, follow your instinct, do something different, go somewhere new & local & no, you idiot, I don’t mean loco!


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