As I do an extensive paper on “Enobarbus,” I cannot help but think how many “Enobarbuses” there are in my life, or should I say WAS? Without having to think, hard, about ten names pop into mind and that’s only in one of them!


[Time to dump out the trash, honey!]

[Looks like spring cleaning is coming sooner than expected, Otter, just like you predicted]

Who is the real Enobarbus, and will he please stand up. While reading Antony and Cleopatra, I was so fascinated by Enobarbus’ character: the insider, the right hand man who jumps ship at the right time, or should I say “wrong” time? Someone who is going to “ride or die” with you until the end, and when shit hits the fan he is the one pulling the rug from under your feet. Is Enobarbus just like the others and just another foe, or is he an actual friend?

It is strange how these characters have crossed over as everyday people in our life. It is strange how these characters still have a tight grasp on us [in society] hundreds of years later! We all have our “Mark Antony” [some more than others], we all have our “Cleopatra” [more than you think], we all have a number of “Charmians,” and like fools we all think and lie to ourselves that we have our own “Enobarbus” no one can take from us, on lock. Enobarbus is probably the most type of character from the Roman masterpiece we see out there and encounter with the most. Shakespeare taught us two important things: do not trust anyone, and sometimes the one we are less likely to trust is the one we can confide in – “Caesar.”

Silly me I have slipped through the cracks on too many occasions, but now I am switching to hardwood floors so when shit really gets tough everyone is crashing down not just me. Go take your rug and shake it off. Never under estimate the power of fiction. Haven’t you ever heard of life imitating art, art imitating life!?

[Wow that was intense, Otter]

Writing on Enobarbus was a lot of fun. Enobarbus doesn’t have much face time in the play, but his action(s) are almost equivalent to the others if not then some! Fuck being a scene stealer, Enobarbus is an act stealer. In a story where everyone is betraying everyone [so juicy, and right up my alley], Enobarbus goes on to show you that after a while we all breakdown and cross over. It is like he is listening to “Disturbia” as he has those moments to himself, after making those decisions of actions needed, pretending like everything was all gravy, and even when he jumped shipped. Like most of the fools out there who act before they think, Enobarbus regrets everything he did and goes running back to his master asking for forgiveness, but it is all too late. The “loyal” one… I’ll show you loyalty.


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