Change: The content hate it and the weak love it.

The ones who are content with themselves think, why rattle the cage? And the lost and lonely are constantly looking for it hoping that they find themselves and their place in the world.

Change is the one thing that is constantly happening: people change, trends change, attitudes change, insights change, currency changes, even our vision changes. We cannot control change and when we can we want to change things right back to the way they were before. What’s of the past is what’s done so get over it.

So many are scared of the unknown, scared of what is really out there, fearful of what lies ahead. Everyone has their cross to bear, some are made of lead, but after everything is said and done we tend to be thankful for change and wish we would have changed a long time ago especially when change has to do with getting out of a bad relationship or place of employment. They say only the strong survive and that is because the strong are able to adapt to change. We waste so much time and energy pouting about new in our life, why not take it and run with it? It’s sad that some are only able to adapt to change because they are forced to.

When we’ve realized the people close to us have changed, especially for all the wrong reasons, we are sure to call them out for it, but we forget to look at ourselves and how we’ve changed. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Be careful of your words because what goes around comes around and we get so caught up in that thing called “life,” whether we think we have one or not, that we don’t realize we ourselves have turned into the one things we said we were never going to be.

Once change is coming into play, there’s no stopping it. So take the blinder off, clean the boogers out of your eyes and look a little harder because change is out there and it is coming.


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