Red Arrow


Valentine’s Day: the day of love. The day intended for nothing but red, white, and pink.

I’m not going to be a love hater and hop on the band wagon by saying “fuck love,” but what exactly is love? Do the people who say “I love you” all the time even know what love really is? Who do people love more: their self or their recipient?

After it’s too late we find ourselves so wrapped up in our own little fantasies we end up loving strangers we don’t even know, only to fill that one void that matters the most on the day it is supposed to matter the most.

Valentine’s Day has a lot of effects. It makes people reminisce on their previous “loves.” People get sad staring at the big bouquets of flowers, edible arrangements, and oversized Teddy Bears being delivered, not to them. Valentine’s Day makes some people stop and realize they have no one to love; it makes them more depressed than they already are in their sad little life. Some people will say it’s just another holiday to spend money on. Most people don’t know this but February 13th is the real day of love: National Mistress Day. February 13th is the real day people, especially those who are cheaters, spend it with their loved ones, sneaking around betraying their “loved” ones that they apparently love throughout the year and in their broken life.

Cheaters. Liars. Broken hearts. Empty hearts. Past loves. Regret. Fake love. Is that what Valentine’s Day is really about? The one day of the year where you don’t feel loved on the day of love? What a holiday! Look at how many groups of friends get together to blow off “love,” and no one seems to make it a secret either. Shouldn’t we tell the ones we love we love them every day versus only once on one specific day? Does affection run off of a calendar and schedule?

Valentine’s Day can also be the best time of the year to stand someone up, dump them, and show them how you really feel. There’s real emotion for you. I cannot wait until someone drops the bomb that they’re expecting to have a baby in November. There’s nothing a little hush money can’t do.

For the most part, all Valentine’s Day really is is a big red arrow facing the opposite direction you are facing. With nearly four million people in Los Angeles some can’t even find one. So go to the store on February 15th and buy as much Valentine candy you can priced at 70% off and eat your empty little heart out, my funny little Valentine.


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