There’s Always Someone Watching


I’ve been meaning to blog, I have, but with all honesty I’ve been doing a lot of everything but blogging.

[Sad face]

I know, shame on me! I’m here, I’m there, I’m fucking everywhere. This hamster has been running a marathon on his wheel. This little piggy is beginning to smell like bacon. They say sleep is the cousin of death. I’m considering it my long lost relative. So, before I lose whatever sanity I have left, I have decided to take a little breather. I need a fucking break because I am about to break. I do this to myself all the time: take on a lot. I can’t help it if I am so energetic and want to get shit done, but I need to remember I am only one person despite all the people in my head. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I would I know, I’ve been there!


I just need to remember quality over quantity. It matters what you do, how much of it, and how well you do it. So before I go trying to “impress” anyone with my talent and skills, I need to look like I know what the hell I am doing before I become a laughing stalk and get everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

Someone called me a mess today. Sadly, the only thing I hoped out of the borderline/ semi-insult was that I was referred to as a hot one.

[Wow, I’m just going to let you have that one]

It finally rained! Angelenos #finally got to see some rain! But don’t you worry, I set fire to that other rain a long time ago. If you think I am going to be sitting around waiting and wishing for something fun to happen, or for you to come around, you are wrong. I can have a lot of fun with all the people in my head. Just ask them. And once we start, we can’t stop, and we won’t stop.

[Great! Now you have me stuck on Miley]

I am not one to sit around and hope that something exciting ends up in my lap. I find fun and a good time anywhere. Is it wrong to always be under the influence? I mean I’m still taking care of business. OK, it is [only] when you are driving. The Greeks were drunk every day and look how praised they still are today!

The winter chill has barely settled in, half way through the season, but I am already starting my spring cleaning. I started purging my closet to make room for the new about to roll in. There’s nothing like buying new clothes and then rocking them to make you feel good. It’s time to turn those old, fat, fluffy clothes into skinny, new ones, you SFB. I said it before, I will say it again, if you look good, you feel good. The year is still new in case you fell on the pavement and smacked your empty, big head on it and suffered a minor case of amnesia.

The other day was extremely interesting. I had a “client,” first thing in the morning. She walked in, saw I was attending someone and walked out. She came back and saw I was attending another person so this time she decided to wait.

She approached me as it was her time to be served. Right off the bat I could tell she wanted to tell/ say something to me. We started chatting; I made a cheesy comment like I usually do, like I know how.

The lady then says out of nowhere, you have a lot of stories to tell, I could tell. I am listening to every word you are saying.

I wanted to bust. She was somewhat accurate. But I wasn’t saying anything -out loud. I couldn’t help but smirk.

The funny thing was that I was only speaking to the people in my head, daydreaming, not her; all in the midst of a transaction like some type of knockoff reboot of “A & P.” I thought I had somewhat of a poker face on but this lady was able to see right through me. I do admit since I am so happy in life, and with myself, I have nothing but a smile on my face that makes people wonder, what the hell is he so happy about?

I guess I just give off that energy that expresses I have a lot to say.

I did comment back to this nice lady and said, you best your ass I got stories to tell.

I then realized I was at work and pardoned my French.

If only she knew who she was REALLY talking to,,,

So be careful how you act and react to things and especially how you look because there is always someone watching.


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