That Which We Love


We love things and we hate things, but why do we love the things we love especially the things we hate loving? We tend to love the things we hate more than the actual things we actually, genuinely love. Follow me? I hope so damn it. It’s weird how certain things we love get the best of us and drive us insane and then we end up hating no one but ourselves.

[Rhetorical much?]

Yes, but I must be clear as to what I am saying, I am trying to make a point!!

It’s also amazing how the one common dominator we all love is the one thing we all hate when it follows us: drama.

I started a new job recently and all it is to me is just a bubble gum part-time job. It’s either that or become an escort. LOL. JK! Yes, I was JK! Bustas gotta eat! And well, too! I don’t have no fast food diet! I love it, but I love wining and dining more.

This new job of mine is nothing I want to make of a career and as long as I am no longer on the last payroll I was on, I am good. I love the fact that I got a fresh start and I love the fact that I don’t know anyone. No relationships are established, no one got me the job, and I have a clean slate.

As time goes on, in life and in the work field, hell, by just being a human being in general, I’ve realized that no matter where we are we are always surrounded by bitter ass people. People are weird and not only are they weird, they are fucking rude and inconsiderate, and when they are not being that, they are playing the part trying to taunt you. Just because you are frustrated of your sorry-ass life does not mean you can go raining on everyone’s parade! Misery loves company and at the moment my schedule is booked so do not ask for my availability! And next year, is not looking so good either.

Lately I feel like I’ve been too nice. I feel like certain people are taking my kindness for granted. I have not been saying exactly what is on my mind, and I mean this in real face time and not in the blogosphere. This is my space & no, not myspace you idiot! On my web page I am entitled to say whatever in the hell I want to. Don’t forget about freedom of the press and freedom of speech. I am starting to boil up and soon about to erupt. Hurricane Otter is a bad tropical storm so take cover if and when it comes.

My new manager is beginning to get on my damn nerves. I was not going to say anything about it, but a co-worker of mine brought up the subject and soon after that the cat was let out of the bag. That pussy jumped up so high for freedom and fresh air, I thought a bird flew into the room! The name for my manager will be called “The Platypus.” If you have to ask why, stop reading now and go to Animal Planet to redeem yourself. The Platypus was nice at first, but over time I realized and FYI, this is no secret because everyone who works for the company I work for knows it –everyone! OK, almost everyone. They all know how fucking moody and borderline psychotically controlling The Platypus can get. You are the manager for crying out loud! Act like you have some sort of standards! I do admit, she does have a good façade of coming off nice, but all it is is a façade.

As for another co-worker of mine, that brod is weird and when she is not weird, she is fucking moody, too! Everyone owes her something and a lot of it. No one can mess with her in any way, shape, or form and EVERYTHING is on her terms. Remember that SpongeBob character from the driving school, Ms. Puff? That is her, splitting fucken image! Everyone says, “Oh, we just deal with it.” (I am referring to her attitude and multiple personalities). Why in the fuck do WE have to deal with the problems Ms. Puff is causing? What makes her so worthy to be accommodative of when all she does is rise tension, and purposely!? Ms. Puff is about to be puffed out and she will be the only one dealing with it! Let’s see who the last one will be laughing then. All those little stunts you pull, Ms. Puff, to fuck with everyone especially me, I am aware of them and FYI, I do not get mad, I get even and I pay in full. I will run circles around you and yes, those circles might be considered a string of mini marathons but I will finish them because I finish everything I start.

I love this whole mumbo-jumbo about equally opportunity and no discrimination against hiring people, and how employers have to have x amount of people in this race and not too many of that one so they’ll just have to hire the next batch of Dick, Bob, and Sally that comes along down the road with good enough lies that gush how they are great potential employees and yadayadayada… Um, maybe you should discriminate because all these creatures are fucking up all the decent, somewhat decent, jobs for everyone else! Yes, bustas need to eat too but shit! They have no courtesy, no respect, no manners, no nothing! Simply, just don’t hire them, screw them! Send them where the sun does not shine so they can earn a living there. It’s not fair to the decent, attractive, positive attitude, educated and somewhat educated people who are doing nothing but chasing their tail like a dog looking for damn leprechauns because of being around uncivilized people! My God! What has this world come to!?! Oh, and I love it when people like this act like their shit does not stink and no one can tell them anything because then they have the nerve to feel offended and become defensive. I wish these (type[s] of) people would tell me exactly what I owe them so I can fetch a silver platter, polish it, lay a nice doily on it and place all that I owe them on that silver polished platter and cater it all to them. Do tell me, dear, come a little closer.

Just deal with it… Deal with the new asshole I am going to rip you! And see how pretty your shit stinks then! And that is why I say, that which we love because these people love creating drama. Yes, it’s a dirty job calling them out for it, but someone has to do it. I was good for far too long. Don’t rattle the cage and don’t stick your finger into the cage because the animal will bite –hard!

[But, Otter, will you write another book about your experience at your new job? We want something to look forward to!]

FUCK NO! This place is not that worthy to. Look forward to The Cubicle Diaries! Hashtag that for me to while you are at it! That is something to look forward to and even then that place where I came from was not my career choice either, but I would be STUPID not to write about that place. I have to admit, it was like the story wrote itself. That was one deal I could not pass up. These jobs are all stepping stones, experiences. I have concluded I will not be happy until I am my own boss, calling my own shots, doing my own damn thing! And I am glad that I feel this way about these places because it is more motivation for me to push what I want the most. I said I was not going to live comfortably and I guess I am learning this falls under the category.

[You take the good with the bad, Otter. Take it with a grain of salt!]

These people are lucky I blogged about them. All of the drama people love is all to my benefit. I need a cigarette.

[But Otter, you don’t smoke]

Not a tobacco one.


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