It Will Rain

[SPRING] getty_VILLA (156)

Everyone has a story to tell and they say you should write what you know, but what am I going to do if the gossip runs out and the scandals run dry? No one likes reruns and only some reboots make it, so it’s up to the writer to come up with new and interesting ways to entertain people, right? Wrong! Kind of. LOL. I find it easier letting nature take its course and let the stories write themselves. Agnostic, Atheist, or hopeful, God is the best writer. What’s going to happen will happen. Humans are already interesting characters as it is because they are humans: unpredictable yet predictable. I’ve had so much fun writing fiction because you can do ANTYHING you want with it, and when I mean ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING, but let’s face it, we cannot control everything so get over yourself you damn control freak.

[But ANYTHING can happen with magic, right?]

Just shut the fuck up!

I should retract what I just wrote about scandals running dry and gossip running out because let’s face it, that will never happen. Hash tag never. [You didn’t hash tag it!] #never. Happy? No matter our age and no matter how grown up we think we are and try to act, we are still going to get ourselves caught up in something that could have been prevented just like most of us will always live from check to check. And sad to say, and sorry to burst you bubble, bubblehead, people only find you interesting for your flaws and when you are down in the dirt with your ass up; jet everyone thinks their own shit does not stink! And when I say sorry, I am not so sorry. NEWSFLASH: everyone shits! & we ALL have skeletons in our walk in closets so get that tri-ply and start wiping! Hell, you need those scented baby wipes and light a match while you are at it, too.

So I say, give them something to write, or tweet, about and rock that outfit you fished out of the clearance bin [–hey! There is NOTHING wrong with the clearance bin! You’ve eyed it, too!] and give them a run for their money even if the money is well spent before the check has come. And don’t think you are slick canceling your direct deposit so the bank does not get theirs because they will!

I will [eventually. lol] expand my writing out of the drama/sex/scandal/noir –all the things we hate to love genre but for right now, I am getting in where I fit in. I just completed editing ‘There’s Something In The Coffee’ [FINALLY & AMEN! & hopefully for the last time] but Volume one is just the tip of the iceberg. A piece of me wants to have all three Volumes in one, but I’d rather make it rain, hell, hurricane! and let my readers get piece after piece instead of giving it to them raw, I mean all at once. Rome was not built in one day, I would know, I’ve been there!

As for all the stuff we do read about and see on TV, is it all a matter of life imitating art and art imitating life? [yes.] Does fiction and drama really write itself? [yes.] Are we just guinea pigs in life? [yeah!] Who are we and who do we think we are!? [that’s for damn sure!] I will say, though, not only do dreams come true, but so do fantasies, especially sexual ones. [that is for damn sure!!] so sit tight and pray that you play your cards right.

School bells are ringing, that’s actually my alarm tone, and I am ready to be back on campus. Ready to meet my new teachers, ready to people watch and most of all besides ready to resume my college-lifestyle, ready to be around people who have the same goals: to be a mother fucken hustler hoping they pass their classes. So we’ll just have to all wait to see what this quarter has in-store.

Otherwise, any who, anyhow, and all those other mumbo-jumbo words you wanna try and use to make yourself seem smarter, get a coat, a peacoat because it will rain.


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