Year Of The Hustle


It’s that time of year again, where everyone is entitled to a fresh start. Whether it is personally, professionally, or astronomical, everyone is entitled to a new beginning. Clean the looking glass and brush your shoulders off because new has arrived.

I love New Years and I love new. I also love new beginnings. I find myself searching for them all the time. I also find myself toasting to them every time I meet someone new. New Years is the time where we get the chance to just let go of the past and go head first into the future with no questions asked or explanations needed. If you want to kick something or someone to the curb, now is the best time. Everyone has the same understanding when it comes to this holiday, so no one really gives people shit for dropping them because it is a sociological understanding that New Years is a time for everyone. It’s not a day where it belongs to only us in the singular like our birthday, it is the day that belongs to everyone like planet Earth’s birthday.

A lot has changed since Earth made its last complete trip around the sun and I have a feeling that come the next time around even more will be different. I am excited about 2014. I’m also eager and scared. Every year I name my year and this year I name 2014 as ‘Year of the Hustle.’ Listed below are some of my most important resolutions:

DO NOT LIVE COMFORTABLY. Everyone wants to live comfortably, but in 2014, I do not. I want to be on the constant grind and hustle. I have a list of things I want to come to life like my book, THE CUBICLE DIARIES, and If I live comfortably, I start to slack and if I slack, I get nothing done. I then find myself mad at myself for not taking care of business and wasting so much time! Time is running out. I am only young, hot, intelligent, and energetic once! I am sick of finding an easy way out of things for a little fun. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little fun, but my little tends to be supersized. 2013 was titled, ‘Make Your Mark’ and I did make a mark, I really did, but now it’s time to start at that mark and draw a pattern, a crazy, funky pattern no one is familiar with that everyone will love.

If you look good, you feel good. I want to look good everyday no matter what. I want to look good even when I feel like shit and am down in the dirt face first. I will master the saying of, ‘put a happy face on.’ I will pick myself up every day and face the unknown and challenge myself.

I want to use a lot more cash than credit. Anonymity is key. Credit is only a way where the government can keep an easier tab on you. And no, I am not paranoid but the government needs to back the fuck up. Our founding fathers would be pissed at the country we live in today, the country they established that is being ran by someone who is giving nothing but empty promises and who is probably as duplicitous as they come. You can take your points and shove them where the sun does not shine. We think we earn free things because of the points we accumulate on the rewards programs we are signed up for, but how much money do we have to spend to get those “freebees.” Most points equal to one dollar and most “freebees” cost tens of thousands of points. Wow, you are really living large with that $25,000 gift card to Friday’s. I’m waiting on my $5,000.00 cutting board! Not unless you are someone with money in the bank who actually spends their money, hold the mayo.

And if I really wanna get personal, LOL, I am not going to let school be such a burden on me. I mean, I DO love the college life and I DO love college, but I should enjoy my college life more and not let my academics control me. My writing should control me. Some of life’s best war stories begin with, “Well, when I was in college…” or the best one, “…Yeah, but I swore it off after college!” I am smart enough to let academics coast and take this time to produce what matters to me most: TCD, and… [lol]

There’s nothing like buying a new outfit, a new car, trying a new type of food or discovering new territory, but New Year’s is one of the best times of the year for a new you and hopefully stick to it because ultimately you are only fooling yourself if you don’t. There is nothing like new in life and I have realized that when new comes into my life, it comes by the bundle. But if you are one of those potatoes who don’t like rattling the cage every now, good luck!

Clean slate? Clean slate!


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