Over The Orange Hill



Birth, it’s one of the many fundamentals to life, aside from death and taxes. No one ever said life would be easy so stop looking for the easy way out of things. Put a little hair on your chest!

Recently a friend had a baby and it made me realize, I am nowhere near ready to contribute to boring a child -NOWHERE near. The only thing I am considered about bring to life is my book, The Cubicle Diaries. Today, I finalized another editing of the first book and I am happy where it stands but it must be perfect! It’s gonna be one of those series where it gets better and better than being all paraded out in the first one and have the second and third suck ass. No, honeychild, it grows and grows, not like many of the other flops out there. I love the entire series, but the third volume is where it all happens. I do admit, I did spice up the 1st volume. The second and third have been secured but the 1st I am paying a lot more attention to because that is where it all begins. That is where the seeds for the wild, exotic flowers are planted and over time, we will watch them grow into man-eating plants. Think Super Mario Bros! I am SO excited for it. So there you have it, the only birth I am worried about is of my baby, or babies, The Cubicle Diaries. And I promise, I will deliver, and if you know me, which you don’t so don’t get it twisted, I never make promises I cannot keep and I always pay my debts, and I always collect.

On the other hand, I finally, can I get a #FINALLY -thank you!, dined at The Orange Hill restaurant in Orange in honor of my Pagogo’s birthday. The Orange Hill was the bizzz! It’s Orange County’s version of the San Fernando Valley’s the Odyssey. It’s literally on a hill with a view of all of Orange County. I am in love with all the archways inside the long estate like building. The wine cases are OMFGG, but not as #OMFGG as the view. It is literally the counterpart to the Odyssey. It has a pond in the front with Koi fishes and believe it or not, I saw a fish come up for air! Yes! A fucken fish came up for air. It must have been the elevation or better jet, LOL, there must have been something in the water. LOL. I fucking love it! Hahaha. There was an outdoor fireplace and gas lamps.

The Orange Hill is equipped with the upscale O Bar. It has an orange piano Elton John and Liberace would go rounds over. A bitch will put their hair back to get first dibs on it! Take yo fucken earrings off and change into sweats, bitches will not be so lady like for a few! It has beautiful orange chandlers one would go to jail for trying to jack. The orange furniture makes you confused as to whether you are having a nostalgic flashback or jumping into the future because orange is the new black. The holiday brunch consist of prime rib, salmon, turkey -which was the shit, king crab legs and some sweet shrimp –OMFGG! Their wild rice stuffing made stove top look like molded chopped liver. Yes, I went there. And as for the desert, me and Pagogo felt like rhinoceroses after we left and since it was a celebration for so many things, but most importantly Pagogo’s birthday, we had a bottle of my favourite beverage, the bubbly. It was a good, borderline midweek break from reality and if we knew me, which many don’t cause let’s face it whether we accept it, or not, we don’t know ourselves, I had to have my bubbly.

So that makes two for my new-restaurant-a-month deal. Pat on my back. So whenever you wanna get away and try something new and if you are in Los Angeles and wanna leave Los Angeles, the Orange Hill is something to consider. It’s romantic and iif you just need some ‘me’ time which we all need, take a drive and hide in the hill, the Orange Hill.

Thanks for letting me share.

[What the fuck is this? An AA meeting?]


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