There’s Nothing Square About CUBE


So I have this problem -I take that back, I have a few, but right now I am only concerned about one. At times I do not know what to eat. Its sounds crazy but it’s true! You’re not gonna tell me it does not happen to you. Anyhow, meat was not defrosted, I can only have so many sandwiches in a week, and I JUST had Taco Bell the other day so I decided on Chipotle.

It was the evening when traffic in my area is at its peak and I was not gonna drive because it would take me longer to drive than walk & I did not wanna lose my scarce parking spot; plus, I am not one of those lazy beasts not willing to walk, I’m just a beast, an active one and plus, I like walking.

[You have a problem jumping off cue!]

Did I not just say I have a problem! I’m only alien! Shit!

So! I am walking to Chipotle. I was yearning for a nice crispy, frosty walk with my pea coat & Burberry scarf and as I am walking up La Brea, I realize the place I have been yearning to go to was not as packed as it usually is. It’s a happening spot, trendy, upscale, some would say ‘booshwah’. I’ve wanted to go since forever! Sometimes it looks like it has it all going on. It’s a head-turner. I slapped the e-brake on and told myself, you’re not down! Why the hell not!? I have not done my new-restaurant-a-month thing yet. I kicked Chipotle to the curb & made an impromptu move to CUBE. CUBE is a wine and cheese bar and might I say, there is nothing square about CUBE. Right off the bat I was taken. I loved it.

Cube is dark lit, dark, & sensual. The staff is on it. The food was BOMB. The sample of cheese was #OMFGG. As I sat at my table & watched traffic go by through the big window, I felt like I was shooting a scene for a movie. The mood and energy was just right. They play music anyone can relate to. None of that popping bottles in the club shit. It’s definitely a place you want to take someone on a date to, meet up with someone to go over some master plan like plotting revenge or something scandalous of that nature.

[Why is everything so scandalous with you!?]

Now is not the time! & why be normal!?

Back to describing CUBE,,, CUBE is a place where you and a friend can meet up and catch up & have a genuine feel to your little reunion. You know, make it seem like you actually care about each other and missed each other and gossip. CUBE is the place where you can make your mistress feel like your wife or better yet, make your wife feel like your mistress. Whatever your forte, if it is something you want a little quiet, intimate time of, CUBE is your place.

What did I have you ask? Twice.

I had the heirloom egg parmesan & the mac & cheese with those yummy bread crumbs sprinkled on top. #OMFGG! The mac & cheese was JUST the way I like it: cheesy and gooey & the heirloom egg parmesan was :O If it did not look so wrong, I’d lick the plate it came in. You must have some class while dining at CUBE, FYI. Thou shall look civil. Thou do not have to be civil, thou must look civil.

The attentive waiter gave me a small yet so flavorful sample I wanted to leave and take a breath of fresh air and go back inside. My GOD! It was a cheese & cracker w/a hint of raspberry on it. It filled my mouth with so much flavor. And you best believe I had my bubbly. There was a lovely view of the chaotic rush hour holiday madness traffic on La Brea. While they’re not moving listening to Christmas Carols on 103.5, I was wining & dining –literally, watching them squirm at being stuck at the same light for countless minutes. Dark red walls, black furniture, crystal ball lighting not to bright but enough to see what & possibly who you might be doing next, CUBE has it going on.


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