Plus les choses semblent changer, plus elles restent les memes

SEATTLE_ (234)

D’ Saundra and I have been friends for a very long time and I do admit I am not the easiest friend to have -we all have our drama! I am thankful for our at times tumultuous relationship. The only benefit from two chaotic worlds clashing is that it makes us go stronger for the next year with an even stronger foundation from the year before. Ain’t no tsunami or earthquake tearing us down! We’ve already did it to ourselves.

Friendship nowadays is something else. People be fronting like they wanna be your friend but secretly they are a closeted weirdo that lacks people skills with a bland personality that not even MSG can spice up and save so they have to put on a front like they know the business only to get you to turn your head and acknowledge their sad little life. I used to work with A LOT of those people, but I have moved on only to return when I expose the shit out of them for the creatures they really are in my books, The Cubicle Diaries.

So back to D’ Saundra, if I am a gypsy, she is a damn chameleon. I promise you, there is nothing bland about D’ Saundra –I promise you! She can and will keep you on edge and that is probably why I heart her so much because she makes me grit my expensive teeth while on the edge of my seat! Never a dull moment! LOL. Hahahaha,,,  I can’t live with her and I cannot live without her. We’ve always come back to each other. She has more sides to her than a kaleidoscope. It’s all fun, at times, but when the CD won’t get off of repeat after the ten-thousandth time its played, it gets a little old. Change the fucking CD, D’ Saundra! Old habits die hard, they do, but when something is ‘old’ it means it has been around for a very long time and although I do love D’ Saundra, I love you D’ Saundra, I do, you are one of my dearest and deepest friends and I have no intentions of writing you off, but your old habits have reincarnated like orange turning into the new black! Her nasty habits have somehow kept up with the Joneses! Fuck moving to the East Side, they moved to the Upper East Side!  They’ve even crossed over from analog to digital which makes it worse –they’re here to stay! [That’ll show you how long we’ve actually been friends]. No matter how old we get, we are all still doing the same thing. Everyone lies, we do and a little white lie is told every now and then and we can walk away from them scot-free if we get caught telling them, but D’ Saundra knows nothing about a white lie let alone a little one. Not only is her white off, it’s not even on the damn color scheme! It cannot even be used to lighten other colors! Dark black is her white. Well in this case, dark orange?

And that is why I frequently say, Plus les choses semblent changer, plus elles restent les memes. All it really means is,,, the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.


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