Who Do You Think You Are!?


I cannot believe my first quarter of big kids school ends next week. It has been a trying quarter. I am just about finished with my paper that has been hanging over my head for the last month. My GOD! If that fucker does not give me more than a decent grade I will go crazy –on him, in class! I might even go to the chair of the department! LOL. He has these high standards that are a little over the top. I know, who am I to call someone over the top?

Who do you think you are in your green pants!?!?

And this is the type the type of fucker, I mean professor –excuse my French- that does not know what grading on a curve is and if it is not the way he wants, something akin to a founding father of literature type of work deal, then you fail –completely! Think Donald Trump yelling at you in class saying, ‘You’re fired!’ He is definitely a believer of ‘No crying in baseball!’ So the bar is pretty high. This is one situation my looks, charm or legal counsel canNOT get me out of.

Who do you think you are!?

He probably wants everyone to stress as much as he did in his college days and end up with as much hair as he did come graduation. [Wow, you are an asshole!] If he does not give me the grade I want which is not asking for much…lol, I am not going to waste my time going to rate your profession dot com or whatever that site is for failing students to retaliate on their teachers who led them on thinking they were going to pass the whole quarter, or semester, I am going to take it to the next level. And don’t ask what it is because I am not going to tell you. A magician never reveals his secrets. Why can’t he be a little more like my other professor who does not give a ratsass? It’s good to be academically disciplined, but geeze! A little slack would do. College students have a life, too, that does not revolve around partying and avoiding STIs! Speaking of drinking, I am ready to hit the bottle.

…I’m Rick James, bitch!   

Recently I reunited with some more old friends. It was nice, it really was. It’s always nice going back to your roots every now and then –for the right occasions only of course. It was just like old times, kind of. My friends and I busted! We sat there and reminisced, it was almost right where we all left off. We did our usual: talk shit. You know the rule,,, if you are not around more than likely shit will be talked about you because there is no one there to back you up! Ha!

[Don’t act like you don’t do it either, everyone has SOMETHING to say because why? NO MATTER WHO AND WHAT WE ARE WE ARE ALL DOING THE SAME THING!]

And then there’s the people that do not seem to change. I won’t go there jet. I kind of already did,, LOL.

OMG! I forgot to text Britney for her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRITNEY! Living legend right there. Is it sad that I only really liked her when she was whacked out, cracked out on a blackout!? I think she is mad at me because the last few times we were supposed to hang I had to flake. Why!? Because of my demanding teacher and his fixation of literary geniuses. I wonder what Lindsay is doing? Speaking of that, I cannot wait to get my copy of ‘The Canyons.’

It’s officially the holiday season and I can only seem to find presents for myself. Don’t you hate when that happens? Maybe I should make new plans for Christmas like I did Thanksgiving and have a ‘me party’ and wrap and open my own presents and act surprised to see what I got!? You’re not down!


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