Something Like A Katharsis


I’m laying here in my bed @ my Penthouse apartment in the city & I am just thinking, Wow, there is so much new in my life! So much new! Luckily I am not afraid of change and to be honest, I always opt for change. I have the tendency to think the grass is always greener on the other side. I just like raising the bar higher and higher for myself. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a little challenge every now & then!

So back to “the new” in my life, I got a new phone, new TV I almost got banned from Marte de Wol from,  I got a new job which I was loooong overdue for!  The longest of anything!  What a RELIEF! That is another story,  actually 4! ‘THE CUBICLE DIARIES’! That is coming soon.  It’s a tale of what happens when you get toooo close to your co-workers & the percussions of mixing business with pleasure. And not to forget this is all going on while everyone is gunning for a position at the top that only seats one!  But that is a whole other story!  

Quit getting off subject!! 

I started a new school which I LOVE! I love the college life! I travelled on so many new ground this year,  I’ve befriended some good people & dumped out the trash on others! Thats a WHOLE other story! I also have old friends back in my life coming off as new people so it seems like new is in season. 

And most of all,  I am launching my new career and life as a writer! 

And to think more good changes will come with 2014!



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