Black Friday Landed On A Thursday


Today was an eventful day.

[Current song & no, i am not emo: John Mayer – Dreaming with a broken heat, the live acoustic version]

Its Thanksgiving, so.. Happy Thanksgiving! I was awaken by my father so sleeping in was revoked as an option. This Thanksgiving I decided to do a lot different. I ditched my usual side dish of drama for the day and went wherever the wind blew me.

An old friend came in from out of town & we caught up. She is a she & she gave me a beautiful poinsettia plant to launch the holiday season. It was a warm gesture & it makes me realize THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! & then we cut to the chase: Black Fucken Friday. I am beat! I never do black friday especially when it starts on a Thursday. What is it, Grey Thursday!? It was a rat race & i was no possum, I wasn’t even a hood rat! lol.jk. no jk. jk! Yes jk! Hahaha.

It was a maddd house! I wanted two things: a TV & a phone & i got them both! I went to Marte de Wol [Wal*Mart, instead of Wal-Mart because they upgraded] for my TV. They had a sick deal & they offered the whole ‘1hour guarantee’ BS type of deal thing which was tested today & my luck! Marte de Wol was crazy. I was surrounded by people who were under the impression common sense was rocket science!? I was like, make it stoppp! But i wanted this ridiculously priced TV! Yes, it was that serious. I get to the front of the line, my guaranteed hour was about to expire & the “ASSistant manager” gave her last voucher away for the ridiculously cheap TVs. I knew it was going to get intense.
The rhino begins getting crazy -the manager!- with everyone because she ran out like if it is our faults she was not properly stocked! Everyone know Marte de Wol is a maddd house especially on black friday! We started getting crazy back. Our hour was not done yet. It was 6:57. She glanced at her watch & sighed ‘Sorry,,,’ & wanted to get off the hook. In times like these every minute counts & she was on my time! I slithered to the front & was like, not only will i fight a bitch, i will bite a bitch. It aint time yet for you to go, you still have 3 long minutes & we are collecting! Everyone got what they wanted & vacated the premises accordingly, no violence or possible arrests necessary. You can take the boy out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the boy.

I left thinking i was free only having to return hours later because Fairy God Mother wanted something from the same “plaza”. LoL. And the second time around while wasting more time i got my phone. I am long overdue! I used to buy new phones allll the time but stopped when i realized the amount of money i’d spend on a silly phone was a potential plane ticket somewhere so i invested my money on something more valuable. I love my now old cell phone though! But we must move on. All its ever done is get me in trouble by “accidently” drunk dialing, or the better ‘butt dialing’ or ‘pocket dialing’. Lol. As of lately, people really started clowning my ‘dinosaur phone’ so I went to the store & SKIPPED out of the store merrily with my new flip phone. LMFAO. Jk. & yes, jk! I did not hop on the bandwagon
& get an iphone, I got a Samsung, baby!

[Current song: lisalisa & cult jam- can you feel the beat]

Iphones are only intended to act as an easier portal to our “privacy” from the ever trusting government. I will not get political in this entry.

I swear, all i wanted to do was return back to ‘The Hills’ & pop a bottle of bubbly & of course puff on the la. Lmao. Black Friday was something else & at least I got what I wanted. Speaking of getting what i wanted,,, i saw a shooting star! we actually don’t know if they are falling or shooting we just know to make a wish. i don’t like playing the wishing game, when I want something i go out & get it. Regardless, i still made the damn wish! I’d be stupid not to!

[Current song: the neighbourhood – sweater weather]

It was a good Thanksgiving. Lots of quality time was exchanged.
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


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