Thankful For Being Happy


With Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, approaching, I have thought about what I am thankful for.

Everyone says they’re “happy,” but everyone has a different level of happiness. What makes one disgusted or annoyed makes another so thrilled they feel they are content enough to die. This goes to show you EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! I hate to sound annoying, but we are all unique with a special talent and when I mean “special talent” I mean it on all levels: good or bad, big and SMALL, ridiculous or not –you get the point, well at least I hope you do. Common sense is not so common so I have to double think almost anything I convey to someone because I have the tendency to have an odd sense of humor that many lack and do not understand. At times, I literally have to think, “Did they understand that!?” and I find myself repeating things as idiot-proof as ‘Dr. Seuss’ language. Not to mention, or brag, that I am an extraordinary human being, aside from all the times I have called myself an alien, so half the time people are trying to figure me out and trying to guess my next move. I hate to break it to you, but I am unpredictable! We all have a purpose people!

Today, I am finally posting my first blog –it’s my 1st time! :O OMG! Can I get a #FINALLY!? LOL. I am LONG OVERDUE. I will still have my personal journal -I am a writer and I need to exercise good penmanship, but I will now be utilizing my blog [yay! my blog!] to express what I want the virtual world to know and throw a little entertainment out there here and there. I have to keep some sort of privacy to my name so the journal stays with me and yes, it is a journal, not a diary!

Writing is what makes me happy. I find it therapeutic. I like writing drama, sex, and scandal –basically everything we hate to admit we love, @least for men’s sake. No matter who or what you are, we are all doing the same thing so enough with the façade! And the ‘happy’ that writing makes me feel is a genuine happy. No, I am not like some where I have to lie to myself to make myself happy, this is a genuine happiness! And speaking of happiness, whoever said, “Money cannot buy happiness” DID NOT know where to shop! Just like “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” Yeah! OK! Then why does everyone wanna look hot!? LOL. OK, you get the point –here we go, again!? Make it stoppp! LOL.

OK, back to the fake happy and about my real happy, writing does not make me happy to just sugarcoat my @times awesome life, or make me forget things tend to suck for me, too, or make me lie to myself enough times to actually believe I am happy –it really makes me happy! It IS so sad for the people who DO have to constantly lie to themselves just to believe themselves that they are content so they can just give in on life and “move on.” I will not mention any names YET.

But anyhow, I just wanted to say WELCOME and since it is Thanksgiving, I wanted to show appreciation for what I am thankful for. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

P.S. Dear Reader, Please don’t lie to yourself about what makes you happy, if something doesn’t, don’t hurt yourself. You have a voice, use it.


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