Autumn Equinox



Everyone’s always saying, including yours truly, the year is going by [so] fast, time is flying,  yadayadayada, but on four specific days of the year the days are long as hell. Today was that day: autumn equinox.

It was a weird day. I sensed it when I woke. Thursdays, and Fridays, are usually my favourite days of the week, but on occasion a Thursday will turn out “not the bizzz,” which is what kind of happened, but I tried to stay on the positive side. This day was a little trying. The system crashed at work -spoiler alert – sounds like a part, or two, of volume two of The Cubicle Diaries. Nothing was getting done, as always, & I couldn’t help but think, is life imitating art or is art imitating life? Anyhow, I also couldn’t help but think, I am sooooo over summer! It’s the closing of one thing, and the opening of another. How cliche? I know. But fuck it & in a sense fuck you. LOL. I like summer, but it is my least favourite season. Everyone, prior to summer launching, was always like, Chicago in the summer is the shit! Well, I can finally say, been there, rocked that. It was cool, except for the harsh humidity. I’m used to constant, direct, dry, nearly blithering heat. And as for them jitterbugs, we’re cool for the summer, & for those still around, there’s still fall and winter 😉 where things really get interesting. I am excited for the fall. I love the fall. It is my favourite season. Summer is overrated. I do like spring, I am a spring baby, but the fall holds my black heart. And if I get technical, the other half of me is a fall baby –half birthday!

When thinking of the fall, it reminded me of being in China, where I prepared for “real” weather, and then I starting reminiscing about the mid-autumn festival China celebrates. And then I thought, Oh China. I liked who I was there. I still like who I am now, don’t get it twisted. I mean, what is there not to like about me?!? LOL. & speaking of China, let’s not forget about Strange Dreams & Other Things. Then I started thinking about my muse that underscored nearly the entire piece, because after all, every writer needs his muse.

Anyhow, all this”aligning of the stars” just makes people all the more crazier. Equinoxes, full moons, solstices, horoscopes, etc. All these magical and mystical things that have so many meanings, but in reality, what is the truth of it all? Is there any truth? George Herbert wrote, is there in truth no beauty? Well, we all know the truth hurts & it can be ugly. We think we know it all, but all everything is is an educated guess. And what’s funny is that some of the best guesses come from the uneducated. LOL! That was a cheesy joke, of which I am good at. LOL. But then all this also reminds me of timing & how timing is everything. But is time always on our side? I’m excited for the new season. I’m lucky because I will get to experience “real” weather, which is what I opted for, and in case you didn’t know, Chicago is pretty known for its unpredictable weather. Oh, Chicago.

September 22, autumn equinox, was a pretty long day. It had quite the twists and turns. And I don’t think I was the only one who felt like that. I try not to have a negative outlook, but sometimes the ESP comes out and just gives you a heads up that things may get shitty and intense. And then I thought of good ‘ol Fleetwood Mac, can I handle the seasons of my life? I’m excited to have a good dry breeze, overcast and gloom; leaves turning colours: the whole shebang. And then my favourite holiday, Thanksgiving, and NO it’s not my favourite holiday because I am a rhinoceros, I just like it. I like the month of November. I mean I also like the month of October, and of course May, but November, for some strange reason, has always had a hold of me. Summer’s golden thread has dwindled to it’s last piece; 2016 is no longer young. It’s fire will soon be turning to a glow, but it’s still not over; so much can still be done. I wanna still 2016 is still thriving, just not as bright. Time may be going by fast, but has it gone by too fast to the point where you feel unaccomplished? 2016 is not over yet, so try to make the best of it, and gather up yo shit and have one last good hoorah before it’s too late. So with that said, autumn equinox, happy harvesting.




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