Art Institute of Chicago (92)

According to ancient symbolism, the spider is depicted as a representation of growth, mystery, and power. That can be a shocker to some because a lot of people are scared shitless of spiders. They’re freaky and creepy and sneaky, so we see them as, but in reality, they’re smart. They can spin their own webs, and when spun right, they’re beautiful, and spiders never go down with a fight. Spiders are calculating and always 8 steps ahead of their prey. My “superstition” of a spider is that when you see one hanging from the ceiling of your penthouse apartment someone is going to visit you. Later down the line, someone told me that crossing a spider, or having a spider appear out of nowhere, meant that money is coming your way. I can’t help but agree with the two because I have experienced both when I’ve crossed a spider. I moved into a new apartment, which I LOVE, and I was a little alarmed when I noticed how many damn spiders there were outside of my window. And I’m not talking about one or two, these mofos are dying to kick it and are inviting all their damn homies to stay at my window front. I’m like, WTF?!? And I’m in Chicago where wildlife is not afraid to roam, and oh yeah, lots of bugs. LOL. Anyhow, I’m like WTF?!? I’m on the 3rd floor, so I can’t just sweep them away, or brush them off, LOL! so I’m like WTF do I do?!? I’d have to take the screen off and hope they don’t find a way in and multiply and really take over my new apartment I love. And then I was like, screw it. I’m gonna let these busters be. They will die, crawl onto someone else’s ledge, and get blown away, because after all I do live in the Windy City –LMFAO! Or they’ll just wash out when the rain comes in. Yes, it rains quite frequently over here in the summer, and all that damn spider will do is climb up the spout when the suns comes out and live all over again. Yes, that was a nod to the nursery rhyme! LMAO. Anyhow, so the curiosity in me came out. Why in the hell are all these spiders just kicking it at my window pane?!? Is everyone’s ledge this?!? IDK. I was like, what does this all mean? What is the story behind this all? What is the meaning of all this? Then the pre and post English came out in me. I swear, I should’ve studied philosophy with the way I question everything. I was like, this has a meaning. The signs are there I must follow them. I then turn to that society ruiner called the internet and did some researching. I was surprised when I learn of the “ancient meaning,” and then I thought, it all makes sense! I then thought of ‘Spiderman.’ Mystery, growth, and power. Personally I feel attached to all three. Meeting new people and sharing some of my stories, and sometimes just being a figure there, people always tell me that they want to pick at my brain. I find that flattering and amusing, and then I think, am I really that amusing, interesting, and mysterious to where people need to pick at my brain and unpack me? I’LL TAKE IT! [#Narcissist]. And then there is growth. I have grown sooooo much. I mean, I’m still growing! I did just enter my 30s, BTW. My dirty30s, BTW. Wink, wink. I’m constantly growing. It’s all psychological. But what about when your psychological is all distorted and all you are is a psycho? And then there is power. Power is like money, it comes and goes. When we don’t have it, we hate the life out of life. And when we have it, some are like the nouveau riche who don’t know how to use it and it all ends up backfiring on them, that’s actually a nod to my second book, Friends Close, Coworkers Closer. The spider spins its web, like Fortune spins her wheel, and entraps it prey to succumb to them. Because after all, the wheel of fortune is constantly spinning and it is not always in our favor, and we, too, have to succumb to her, but that doesn’t mean I think Fortune is a spider, but it has been said that Fortune is blind, and that’s because we never know how things will turn out. So, back on track,,, it reminds me of one of my many cliches I use, you have tangled yourself into a really sticky web…, and everything, like always, just had me thinking. And then I was like, oh, it’s just the gods reminding of the ‘extraordinary’ being I am. Mind you, some of these suckers were HUGE! I was like, oh no. But a piece of me did want to see it traps its prey, and I kind of got to, but things didn’t end up going well for one of the spiders. A black wasp [freaky!] flew into the web, and like a sneakyass, the spider appeared out of nowhere ready to attack and feast. I was like, OMG, a showdown is about to happen! And sure enough one did. The black wasp and a spider, that wasn’t so big compared to some of the others, started going at it. I seriously did not know who was going to win. And then the black wasp took control over the altercation, LOL, probably stung the spider and flew off with it attached to it body. It was a pretty intense scene. I was like, WOW. And, again, I can’t help but think, what does this all mean?! And then I hear one of the many voices in my head saying, get the fuck over it you overthinker! Talk about negative thoughts! So now, because I am an old soul, I look at spiders differently. They have a whole other meaning to what they can be perceived or assumed as. Talk about stereotypes. I mean, I thought people loved ‘Charlotte’ — Charlotte’s Web — LMFAO! But there we all go just assuming things because all we are are just a bunch of knowitalls, and yadayadayada. But I learned something of all this. I have a different interpretation of spiders. I no longer see them as a disgusting piece of wildlife, I see them as interesting creatures with many explanation to be made of them. All it really means is, that like wolves, and the black rose, spiders are misunderstood and misrepresented. Maybe they’re not so bad after all, but you best believe, if I have to, I won’t think twice about killing one if it comes near me.


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