They say time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t help but find myself saying, a lot lately, that time is going by wayyyyy to fast! And I can’t help but think, am I truly having fun? Of course! I always have fun! Time is seriously going by fast. The only time I hope that goes fast is the work days and hours. Work,,, Ha! Don’t get me started on that, because let’s just say that my current place of employment has taught me a few things, things I already knew but needed a refresher on, and it has nothing to do with what the company I work for has to offer to its consumers. But seriously, time is going by fast. I mean, it’s August, 2016 —2016! And yes, August! And yes, I cannot help but think, am I on track? Am I doing what I am supposed to? Matt Belamy said, or sang rather, time is running out, and every time I feel like I’m doing nothing with myself, which is hardly ever because I’m always so f’n busy!, that fuckin’ song pops into my head, but I will admit, it is for the better. I hate wasting time. Everyone always says, Oh, don’t worry, you have nothing but time, you’re young. Um, excuse me, but yes, I am young, 30 years, BTW, and I’ll be damned if I end up like you with all that belly fat under my belt instead of accolades. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m so hard on myself, because I can get shit done. The benefit of being so hard on yourself is seeing actual results, worthy results for yourself. We are who we are! 2016. Life has been such a whirlwind. I’m in Chicago. I moved into my new apartment, which I LOVE!!! At least I accomplished what I came back for, TCD Volume II, and now it’s time for the next stage, because after all, the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely actors. Some people are really good actors without evening noticing, and then there are those desperate wannabes who will do anything for attention and anything to become a reality star [in their soulless eyes]. And then let’s not forget about “Strange Dreams & Other Things.” Speaking of ‘Muse.’ Lol. That piece,,, lol. I’ve been in Chicago longer than I was in China. I love China. Chicago,,, oh Chicago! What a place. City Life. It’s funny because Chicago is a big city, kind of, lol, –I’m from LA where it’s the TMZ, Thirty Mile Zone for those of you don’t follow, but at the same time I’m just like, is it a big enough city? I do like it big. Go big, or bold, or go home! Me, I have no home. I’m a gypsy, and when I’m not that I’m a vagabond; I am the 8th vagabond. Can the Second City, the White city, the Windy City contain the Otter? I’m still trying to figure it all out.

As of late, I can’t help but think about the singularity of others. A lot are always saying, yeah! Single life! Fuck yeah! But then there are some who dread being single and are lonely and borderline desperate for someone. Two things: hot people never stay single, mainly because they’re weak and empty, and some single people REALLY hate being single, but they’re hopeless. Kind of like Americans and their future. Well, maybe not just Americans,,, Despair is an understatement, and sadly, of the norm. They hate it, the singles, and the Americans. But from my observations, it’s hard finding that one. It’s KIND OF like finding a REALLY good job you like – and that is stable. It’s like you’re searching and searching and when you land it you’re like is this real and is this for keeps and is it staying, but then you realize, nothing lasts forever. People are people, and I have said this before and I’ll say it over and over, people are fucking weird! And when people aren’t being weird, people are so God damn narcissistic! I swear, I blame the internet for everything. Because of the internet, most are walking fucking zombies. Everywhere you turn everyone is on their God damn mobiles checking texts messages that aren’t new, or pretending to do something to avoid human contact! —Get a life. And I bet more have their earphones plugged in and aren’t even listening to music but they pretend like they are so they don’t have to interact with anyone because they’re tooooo good for the next person.

They say time tells everything, and it has definitely told me a lot, even if the speech is at a rapid pace that few can interpret. It’s told me lately that I need to move on from some and let them go. It’s hard, but things change, styles change, and people always leave –‘OTH.’ It’s time to find new characters in my story. But the way I feel, I feel like some aren’t worthy of being series regulars. Is it me? Probably. I’m as weird and foreign as the next alien out there, but more so, is it them, they? YES! It is my story afterall; you are on my blog, BTW. For all I know I’m just a jester or omen passing through their stage—its called over the top for a reason! We’ll have to see come the second act.

Time may be going by fast, but I am keeping up with the Joneses. I did move ‘east’ after all. Lol. We shall have to see what Fate has in store, because after all, what Fate wants, Fate gets. We cannot control the wind, we can only control the sails, so stay beach ready, because one make look good with [designer] clothes on, but we all know it’s what is underneath what counts.


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