A Californian in Chicago [Everything Comes Full Circle]

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When I die, I wanna be just like Shakespeare; I wanna die on the day I was born. Talk about everything coming full circle. The only thing that fears me a little, yes, even I on occasion have things to fear, but even then I’ve learned we must face fear in its pretty little face even if it rips us to fucking shreds, the thing that fears me the most is that my birthday is coming up. No more cruising down Twentieth Street, I’m about to turn onto 30th Drive. No matter how many drunken spirals I’ve come down from & ask heavenly father to please take me now, I’m still not ready to go! Yes, I am in the midst of publishing my second book – which I am SUPER excited for! But I also have a lot to conquer still. I still have a 3rd volume to publish. I still have other stories I’d like to publish. I still wanna live in Europe, & a few other states in the states. I still have a lot to conquer! Life is one big journey. & don’t get me wrong, or twisted, life for me does have its challenges. It’s not all Gucci & Burberry, there is some Coach in there occasion, too. & eventually I would like to return to California –everything does comes full circle. It is my home, after all. I once said, regardless of where life or my career shall take me, I will forever be an Angeleno. But as for right now, my home is Chicago. I’m a Chicagoan. I was once An American in Asia, & now I’m A Californian in Chicago. [Oh, how I love English]. Yes, I moved, again! Gypsy? That is an understatement, but I’ll take it. Chicago is great. I’m still learning a lot about this underrated city, my new surroundings. I get the 4 seasons I opted for. I get the city feel. I get to look at alllll sorts of eye candy, & let’s just say, I’m not even a sweet tooth, but even I can’t resist & every vampire needs to feed. I get all that I am asking for. They say be careful what you wish for, because you JUST might get it. It’s funny because I came here 5 years ago & fell in love with the city. I’m so proud to have actually move here & call it home! I live right by the beach – walking distance might I add. It’s OK to be a little jealous. I have learned to appreciate constant sunshine. LOL. But I also have learned to love & indulge on actual weather. I also learned that the people here do not let the weather get in the way of ANYTHING. How & why would they? Then they would never get anything done, especially in the winter. Versus like in SoCal when its drizzling an apparent storm & flooding is headed the way. I don’t miss how annoying those reporters were, & for the record, I don’t miss LA. It’s soooo funny because when people learn I am an Angeleno, they ask me two questions –besides for my autograph – why would I leave LA & why would I come to Chicago in the winter? It’s HIGH-larious. I’m just like, LA isn’t everything –coming from the one born & raised there speaking to people who yearn to get the opportunity to even visit.

Sadly, I will never be Shakespeare, because those are some pretty big shoes to feel, & besides, I’m me. I actually really like me. If I wasn’t me, I would soooo date me. I definitely channel him, Shakespeare that is, in “The Cubicle Diaries: Friends Close, Coworkers Closer.” I took almost everything I learned in English & incorporated into this volume. While reading & editing it in public, I couldn’t help but bust! Like REALLY hard! I did the same for Volume I, but Volume II is over.the.top –pun intended. I know people are like, what’s wrong with him & when they don’t think that, they’re like, what is he reading?!? In time, people! In time! It took me a year to season this puppy, & now I am [almost] ready to feed the world. It’s REALLY good. The characters are more developed, there’s more dialogue, I’m revamping the cover, I’m basically revamping the story. I heart “The Cubicle Diaries” because its one of those series that gets better & better instead of having the first installment be the shit & the rest just shit. Every artist should be proud of his work, but I am REALLY proud of this work. I came back to the states for a reason, not because I was homesick. I could’ve stayed in China, but “The Cubicle Diaries” couldn’t. If there is one thing I hate wasting, it is time. We’re only granted a certain amount of time here.

Sometimes when I’m on the train home, I just ponder outside the windows & admire all the streets & liveliness of the city. There are so many cool neighborhoods, & they all offer something different. Nearly everyone has a Ventra card, everyone. The people are nice, too. VERY different from Angelenos – & the Chinese. LOL. I love China. I had a GREAT time there. I found happiness. But, I went with the mindset that China wasn’t forever, nothing is; however, everything comes full circle. I’m really glad that I have winter clothes & am actually able to rock them. & yes, you gotta pack on those layers here! It gets so cold your body goes numb and hurts. It’s funny because people are like, this was a light winter. I’m like, fuuuckkkk! But, I don’t complain because this is what I asked for. & it’s funny because when I first landed here, it was winter, & adding to people questioning why I would come to Chicago in the winter, I would respond, which is part of the English in me, If I can survive winter, I can survive anything. Thank you, Jesus; thank you Fiona Goode; thank you, Dionysus!

There are 3 major things ironic about me landing in Chicago, so far that I have noticed: my apartment mocks very much like my 1st apartment in Hollywood, & I will FOREVER love Hollywood; they’re hosting a year-long celebration of Shakespeare. It’s been 400 years since his death & 452 since his birth. He, too, is a Taurean J; & everything year Bookcon is held in New York. Ironically, it is in Chicago this year! What are the odds?!?! When I learned that, I was like, this is my destiny. After that, I definitely threw Volume 2 on the front burner. Life is so interesting. The people in it & everything about it. It’s even funnier how there are 7 billion people in the world & yet we all still have the audacity to think the world revolves around us. & YES, everyone crosses our paths for a reason, & everything is an experience. Life is always talking to us whether we are listening or not, follow the signs! Sadly, in life, we must take the wrong route on occasion, but overall, that is life, one big journey. & for those of us paying attention, & on occasion being nostalgic, we stop & realize everything comes full circle.

P.S. Happy Walpurgisnacht!


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