One Hell of a Year


It’s been one hell of a year. I feel like I had three different lives! Soooo much has happened. All for the better, as I see it. I had the time of my life in Portland. I fell in LOVE with the city. I met a “Derek” from Seattle while I was promoting my book about a guy named “Derek” from Seattle. The iRONy. I got to be an English nerd and attend the Shakespeare festival. Good ‘ol Pericles! I got to rock out with my professors. That was fun. Ashland, Oregon is such a beautiful city! And speaking of rocking out, I landed a killer internship with the Los Angeles Film Festival. Aside from this year in general, I met sooo many people. I even got to kick it with Courtney Love. Thee Courtney Love! “…When I wake up in my make-up…” She is one down bitch, and I made sure she knew that I thought that of her before we parted. The festival was so cool. All in the heart of DTLA, surrounded by so much talent and history, and really being able to get another side of Hollywood besides living in it. Finishing it lead me to a new favourite hotel of mine, Hotel Figueroa. WHAT A YEAR!

This year also concluded two major marks of my life. My academic one. I can’t believe I FINALLY graduated college. It was such as journey, but I loved it. My department was brutal! Life is one big journey, one big experience, and I am ready to learn anything and everything. College took me a long time. I accomplished a lot during my college years. The other conclusion of a big part of my life was my reign in Hollywood. I love Hollywood. If/ when I moved back to Los Angeles, I wouldn’t mind living there again. I am Hollywood, and regardless of what anyone thinks about it, I FUCKING LOVE IT! I signed off in such a good way!

I think another [major] pink, fluffy elephant in the room that I haven’t brought up is the fact that I not only moved, but I moved to China! Toward the end of it all it happened so fast. I have had the time of my life here. I can’t help but smile every day. I love it here, but I know deep down I won’t be here forever. I’m approaching the end of my stay here, for now. I have other ventures to pursue, I have other land to conquer. I worked a lot on my writing, because of China, and I can confidently say, I have come such a long way. I did the damn thing in Hong Kong. I concluded my second volume, working on my third of The Cubicle Diaries. Being in China gave me inspiration about my next writing piece, Strange Dreams & Other Things. If The Cubicle Diaries gave me the opportunity to exercise my writing skill, Strange Dreams & Other Things gives me the opportunity to live and adapt in another realm of writing.

I cannot whatsoever forget about my life changing event with Stevie Nicks at the Fleetwood Mac “On With The Show” concert. That was the best concert! I definitely saw my “Gypsy.” I also finally got to see “Phantom of the Opera.” Before I was REALLY into the theatre, “Phantom of the Opera” was the first play I wanted to see, and now a decade later, I got to see it! It seems that when I dedicate myself to certain things, I allot about 10 years to really experience them. Oh! I mustn’t forget my ‘blond’ stage. I FINALLY became a blond. I always wanted to do it, and then, I finally did it. I have yet to dye my hair being in China. Once I return to the states, I will go back to being blond. Being blond, as I see it, is an American thing.

I have to say, I am fortunate. But, like Christian Grey, I have noticed that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. Sometimes I can’t help but think, am I satisfied, is this ‘enough.’ And my only thought is, hell fucking no! I STILL have battered fish to fry. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. I, too, have had major obstacles to overcome; with the good there is the bad. A major pitfall for me was my ongoing transportation issues my last few months in LA. Car trouble in LA, MAKE IT STOP! My fish, Hampton, passed. My God, and Fiona Goode, rest his little corrupted soul. That fish, I swear, had a mind of his own! It was so “story-like” for him to die in the winter. LMFAO. But then again, a lot of my life is “story-like.” I guess you can say there will be no season 2 of Made in China. LMFAO.

Next year marks a whole new era for me. I will enter a whole new platform, a new plateau. My twenties will be over. I can’t wait to see, or maybe I can a little, what the gods have instore for me. I am Dionysus. I know it’s a little “cliché” to do a recap of the year, but sometimes we just got to stop and smell the coffee and take a look at all that we have and appreciate it, and be thankful for the opportunities that come our way. In retrospect, I’m just like, fuck, did that all really happen? Then when I think of all those countless missions, some secret, that I busted. OMFGG! I can’t help but ask myself, do you know yourself? And my only response, more than you know. I have to admit, I even surprise me. I’m like, how did you pull it off? And yes, it’s cliché, but there’s A LOT of truth to clichés. I can’t help but follow them. Aside from all my adventures and successes, I can’t help but stop and think that age-old question, “What’s next?” We should never put a cap on our possibilities. There’s only so much in my control, so what I can control, I must control it well. But, regardless of anything and everything, the one thing that I can say with the most truth behind it is, it’s been one hell of a year.


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