The Likes of Others


Being liked. That’s what we’re all worried about, right? We like being liked in public, in groups and by “friends,” and we like being liked intimately, by that one intimate person. Because if we can’t impress them, we can’t impress anyone. We lose them, we lose our self. We suddenly lose all confidence and really think something is wrong with us. It all turns into the whole “it’s me, not you” ordeal, and then we’re really lost on who is “me” and who is “you.” Really, who is “me,” and who is “you?” Are we not “us” because we’re not liked? Are we not “us” because we don’t like ourselves?

When it was the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, there was a lot of interviews released. Words were finally shared. And I think it was Kurt’s former manager, or someone in relation to his band, and forgive me for not being “scholarly” enough to do actual research. This is a blog isn’t? Not “Handball 472” with “Dr. Mariah Doppleopplous”?!? Pardon the side remark [hint: previous blog, Thoughs whoo Kan;t du teech]. Anyhow, the former colleague said one of Kurt’s biggest problem was that he didn’t like himself; he didn’t love himself. That’s why he was [mainly] always out of it. Being an artist and hard on yourself is one thing, but being an actual person who doesn’t feel liked at all is pretty shitty feeling. It’s horrible. Yeah, it’s fun making people squirm and do things against their will, and sometimes people do deserve to feel shitty, but to the point where it gets REALLY dark, to where the blackness consumes you over it, my God! It leads people to go ballistic and shoot up movie theatres, and schools where other people and their children whom ARE liked, and for the more part loved. It’s a cruel and beautiful world [Grouplove]. And being liked on social media is an entire different thing.

Sometimes people are forced and feel obligated to “like” things. Why? Because then people won’t “like” theirs, or maybe because that liker doesn’t have anything else to like but the likes of others. Selective likeness cracks me up. I won’t like your stuff, but you can like mine, and when you stop liking mine, I’ll like yours. We’ll just be friends, but I won’t like your stuff. It’s only because I want to look like I have a lot of friends and make it look like I am liked! It’s a vicious cycle. Look at how bad people get butt hurt, and yes, it happens to everyone, when people don’t like their posts. People share certain things for a reason. Mainly, especially on social media, it is to be liked. We all wanna feel love. It’s like that saying, “fat bitches need love, too!” It’s also like that saying, “Never trust a fat bitch,” and “Fat bitches give the best head,” but then again, some say that guys give the best head BUT that is a whole other topic of conversation, if it ever arouses –pun intended- it can be discussed. That’s more of a sociological/ English sexuality class topic.

Then there are some of my favourite people with that ancient Machiavellian attitude of “it’s better to be feared than loved.” What I love about those types of people is they act like the big bad wolf, but when the tables are turned on them, when their soft spot is struck, when shit really hits the fan, when they know they’re really no longer liked –by EVERYONE around them- all they are is a little piggy running for dear life before they become someone’s little cocktail wiener, or even more so, someone’s bacon.

Oh, the lives of others! People are funny! It’s all a game, It’s all an allusion, It’s all about being “liked.” And if it happens in the workplace, it’s called “harassment.” If it happens in society, it’s called “racism.” If it happens with your peers, it’s called “haters.” I will tell you, wake up! Get over it! We’re not always liked. Please do everyone a favor and go “like” yourself.


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