I thought I understood that voice inside me,

And the things people said about you,

But because of you,

I learned I can’t trust myself, I can’t trust others, and I learned I was always right questioning everything.

You fooled me for the fool I am.

I am a fool.

And the only thing I got out of it all

Was a lesson learned.

I’m writing you off,

I’m letting you go,


Don’t get it twisted,

This work here only took the amount of time you gave me affection.


Fuck yeah.


A little…


Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You are not THAT important. You’re not even all that.

They say love is blind,

And all I did was have my Ray-Bans on in the dark.

I can’t believe I held my breath,

I can’t believe I was ready to change,

I can believe,

Like magic you were too good to be true.

You witch,

You bitch,

You little fucken trick,

You turned me on, and then you turned me off,

As easy as a light switch.


This light has burned out,

No one paid the electric bill,

So even if I wanted to,

I couldn’t turn back.

No one is home,

The locks have been changed,

And there are bars on the window.

It’s not you, it’s me.

No, it really is you.

I won’t follow you anymore,

Because you lead me to nowhere.

And when I mean nowhere,

I mean nowhere.

Like a phantom,

You are gone.

You no longer appear,

Not even in my fantasies,

Not even in my nightmares.

And let’s just say,

I’m a daydreamer.

I just want you to know,

I’ve moved on,

Wrote my stories,

My love gashes will heal on their own.

They always do.


…I’m almost there!




It’s all the same,

But for my sake,

I’ll never give in again.



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