The event I attended wasn’t mandatory,

but I was obliged to go.

I put all my shyness aside,

Oh had I known I was in for a ride!

Mixing, mingling, sweets galore,

This was the reward

for some of my chores.

Strangers to colleagues, colleagues to friends,

Ongoing conversations, conversations not ready to end.

Suggestions made,

Decisions paid

Then the name

Made nothing the same.

Oakwood everywhere,

For the first few minutes,

I did nothing but stare.

The oversized vintage mirrors,

the deep red paint,

the low lighting,

the songs she sang.

Dreams are meant to be chased,

And because I did,

I ended up at this place.

I am their icon,

I am their title,

Talk about random,

now that’s pretty vital.

Everything in such accord,

And for the record,

It was not I who chose

Tavern Black Rose.

It was destiny,

it was fate,

It was better than any other planned first date,

It was them,

it was me,

it was the chemistry,

it was all meant to be,

Blame it on the gods?

Leave it to the gods!

After this night, I’m like a lightning rod.

Don’t dwell, ponder.

The treasure is over, over yonder!

Let the chips fall where they may,

Have fortune spin her wheel.

I’m ready full throttle,

No time to kill.


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