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Once upon a time I didn’t have any clue what I was going to do. I was unsure about all the possible career directions I was headed in. I had ideas and goals, but I just wasn’t having it. I spent a lot of time in community college trying to figure things out. I should be a doctor given the amount of time I’ve been going to school! Then, I finally made my decision. I chose English. I always loved writing, and I always wanted to read more than I did. Some of the first works that got me hooked when I decided to make English my number one was Paradise Lost, The Inferno, Hamlet, Oedipus Rex, and Lysistrata. Then I realized I had my own story to write.

I love English because it offers so much. Just because one studies English that doesn’t automatically mean they want to be a teacher, it just means they’re ready for a challenge. English offers a lot on: religion, philosophy, science, performing arts, communications, history, and let’s not forget the basics of reading and writing–constant reading and writing! English is hard, and its scholars can be brutal. The thing about English that makes it unique from most, if not all other subjects, is that there really is no formula to follow, you have to make your brain work. English exercises the brain. One of the main perks about English is that it allows its followers to be free and explore all options; interpretation is always open. Everyone has a story to tell, and every story is interpreted differently.

I love English as a student, it has taught me so much. I love English as a writer, it has taught me so much. Almost everything we see on TV, Film, and new age literature is derived from the canons, and what is strange is that what they wrote then is entirely still relevant today! It’s crazy! Some of my favourites: “Of Marriage and Single Life” by Sir Frances Bacon, “His Farewell to Sack” by Robert Herrick, William Wilson, Measure for Measure, Antony and Cleopatra, Pudd’nhead Wilson, The House of Mirth, Sense and Sensibility, Behind a Mask, The Turn of the Screw, Young Goodman Brown, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the list goes on. Then learning about what is going on during the time of publication is so fascinating, too. I would have loved to live then. I am so old-fashioned.

I loved my last quarter. I’m glad I got to experience the quarter system. It was a constant grind and hustle, but ultimately, the quarter system gets you done sooner and is better. Talk about cut to the chase! There’s so many strange things that happened this quarter, full circle came into play. Is it life imitating art, or art imitating life? One day my professor had the nerve to ask, do you ever feel like your life is a movie? I said, No! It’s more of a TV show! I took a certain professor my first quarter at CSULA and, again, during my last. It just happened like that, and, I didn’t take him in between my stay at the institution. Tuesdays and Thursdays were the only I went to school during my first quarter and my last. I met a certain fellow student on my first day at CSULA. He was my first class buddy that the teacher recommends we have in case we miss class, or what have you. Throughout my stay at the institution, we had a few other classes together, a good handful. As I was taking my final final, I realized we were sitting next to each other. I laughed to myself because I realized we sat right next to each other on the first day of school and the last day of school. As a writer, all of my writing takes place in Los Angeles. I need to pay homage to my land! It’s funny to me because I took all of my American literature classes last. The best for last? Sure! I don’t know because that British literature… Anyhow, in one my American literature classes we studied, “The Crying of Lot 49”. That book cracks me up! The book is a satire, and it takes place in a city based off of Los Angeles. As a part of my final, I wrote on “The Crying of Lot 49”. I saw it as my official sign off. I wrote about LA for my final final ever! and at CSULA. What’s even more magical to me is that I saw my final final as a sort of love letter to Los Angeles; I put effort in it. And the ironic thing was that the topic question for my final was what I learned in my senior seminar class. You know that class every senior stresses about, college or not! I saw everything as linking together, coming full circle. It was magical. IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

I can’t believe I finally did it! It took me so long! I joked to one of my classmates, and told her, if you see me crying, don’t judge! I didn’t really suffer from senioritis until the very end. I was becoming exhausted, but I still challenged myself to enjoy the literature and its meaning, and get the most of everything because I knew that one day I would miss it, I think I will really miss it… Some ask, will I further my studies? And my instant response is, NO! I am content with what I have [now]. I HAVE OTHER VENTURES TO PURSUE! The Cubicle Diaries: Friends Close, Co-Workers Closer is coming soon! Plus, towards the end I was preparing for the future. Hence the landing of my internship with the Los Angeles Film Festival! OMFGG! Remind me to share my evening with thee Courtney Love. Let’s just say she knows how highly I think of her.

No more two back packs.

No more pulling all-nighters for procrastinating on assignments I knew months in advance about.

No more spark notes, and for the record I hated using spark notes because the nerd in me knew I was cheating myself, and depriving myself of quotes and new words to learn, but when one is reading four books a week for ten weeks, and when the library refuses you to borrow books because you’ve maxed it your limit of what you can borrow, one does what they have to do, and besides! some professors recommend it.

No more sweaty armpits in class or the library from being under pressure –we can’t take ourselves too seriously!

No more waking up crack early to try and finish homework.

No more Sucky Sundays, all I see are Sunday Fundays! Switching to Tuesday/ Thursday from Monday/ Wednesday was the best move ever!! It’s a little upsetting because it took me so long to become an ideal student, and when I finally learned how to be one, it came time to graduate.

My character fills fulfilled –for now! I know I still have a ways to go. Oh English. English, English, English. You fulfill me. English: The Extraordinary Area of Expertise. If only everyone could absorb you as much as I have. I learned how to embrace and thrive off of being an English nerd. Geek is sheik! I love English! I am a Renaissance man! I remember feeling like I was never going to finish, but I did. I’m glad I got the college experience.


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