We Are Who We Are


They say age is nothing but a number but what are we to do in the land of make believe: Hollywood, where age and beauty matters the most, where everyone lies about damn near everything and here we all say we hate liars… And its not just Hollywood, IT’S LA! LOL. OK! Maybe it’s just life. LOL.

Age: When should we start lying it? Young people wanna do older people things & older people wanna do younger people things. It’s all for self-gain & to make one self feel more relevant than they don’t. Such competition! Everything is a battle with you! Why can’t you just keep it cool!?

Money can buy you everything. LOL.

-Yeah! OK!

So sad of the measures one will go to for a little attention.

I never thought I should or would lie my age & for the record, I’m not ashamed of my age. I am comfortable with my age & luckily I am blessed with looks where I can shave a few years off and pull it off and get away with a little white lie. Be comfortable with who you are! Not everyone is born hot! However! I do not abuse my white lies privileges like my dear friend D’ Saundra. Speaking of D’ Saundra, she’s running with the wrong people, again. She’s missing. My God… God have mercy!

But like I was saying… Is it really necessary to? Everyone lives. Everyone knows age goes in one direction. And no, I am not hash tagging one direction. OK! #OneDirection. Happy!?!?

Should we lie our age? & if so, when?

In my books, The Cubicle Diaries, one of the major points of the magical franchise is age & cover ups, shielding who & what we are because lets face it, we are all performers & might I say at times better actors than we think. The Cubicle Diaries is dark and juicy and definitely a guilty pleasure. Wow, someone is confident. Yes! I am! On this, I am.

Not only is there a problem with the gene pool, most of the characters, in reality & our soon to be fictional favs, will realize it is not good going pee in our own pool.


-Um, more like a cherry bomb. Bombing alll over you! Whiplash! Go take your bath!

Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black,,,!?

-OK, you’re scaring me.  

I do, however, have a great deal of respect for people who are older with no kids. Its shows they are about self-development, finding their own way, etc. Or maybe it’s because they still can’t seem to find themselves. After all this time, too. Get a dog at least!


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