Holiday Madness

SEATTLE_ (279)

There’s nothing like a little Holiday Madness to spice up our life.

The end of the year is great:
Quarters/Semesters ending, paid holidays, the comeback of ugly sweaters, company’s books end -time to cook the books the most before taxes are due! Less traffic in our morning commute, naked trees, our own taxes end -time to write everything off! We’re driving ourselves mad trying to find a gift for someone we care about enough to waste time on, but not only that our own money on —Make it stop! Don’t think I will be spending time getting you a gift, you’ve been a naughty. And we can’t forget anyone because this is the time of year when we are/ should be the most generous. Then it is the time of year where you can show people just exactly how much you care about them. You get them exactly what they deserve… I’ll let you finish that one. Let’s not forget closing the year -personally, preparing for the next, and thinking of resolutions most are sure they will break a quarter of the first quarter of the year they are reconciling on.

Get it together people! I too am shaking up my comfort zone spot I’m all snuggled up in to get the blood flowing, bones jumping, & shit moving. We all quote how life is short, love one another, and how the holidays caused us to become baby rhinos on a breast milk diet, and yadayadayada, but the most important thing we must remember & are forgetting is: get out of the guilty pleasure mode! It’s OK to live comfortably and enjoy the holidays, but living too comfortably sets us back. Let’s all make something of ourselves! Use this time where we all come along and market who we are and who we can be, & up & do the damn thing! We all find excuses to cover-up the last excuses with for the things we’ve been longing to cross off our list but can’t seem too. Why? Because we are living too comfy-womfy in our Burberry pajamas! Well some of us. You get the pisure! If you want your dreams, don’t sleep! Just get on a crack diet.

Can I get a mutha effin breather!
-Get the hell out of here with that preacher ish
But its true! Think about it.

-Who are you talking to?

There’s nothing like a little holiday madness!

And after all this “Holiday Madness,” I must not forget to check my laundry list of ‘note(s) to self’. My last note to self was ‘do not forget to check notes to self.’
-I told you I was breaking out of my comfort zone! Get off my back! Maybe friend’s ASSistant was right? Hire an Assistant of your own!

Is it that serious?

Wow, someone did not take their Tourette’s meds.
-I will fucking CUT you!


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