It’s All an Allusion


It’s already tomorrow in… Jinan, and I am very thankful! Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, that’s an allusion to my Los Angeles Film Festival internship I scored earlier this year. Of which I am so thankful to of had. Not everyone gets to rock out with Courtney Love! Living legend right there. Right next to me, and Britney. I love Thanksgiving! This morning as I was getting ready for work, yes I have to work! I was being a little nostalgic about all my past Thanksgivings. Oh my Mother! I thought. Because in China they don’t say “OMG” [oh my God!] they say, oh my mother! They do say, OMG, and they also say, oh my Lady Gaga. Now that is something I could also catch myself saying. Speaking of Stefani, only her close friends call her ‘Stefani,’ I’m thankful for the time I worked up enough courage and went as her to the annual celebrity infested Roosevelt Hotel All Hallows Eve Party. That night Gaga was a diva, and Gaga was on the prowl. What a night! My drama with Paris Hilton, Kristin Cavallari, the LAFD, getting hit on left and right, unsure if I should go to the women’s bathroom or the men’s? LMFAO! OK, OK, enough! I’m being too nostalgic. This is about Thanksgiving, not All Hallows Eve. Back to Thanksgiving. When I think about the food, the shenanigans, the drama! –OMLG!!! Taking Tupperware to my relatives houses so I could have left overs. “Who doesn’t love left overs?” There’s an allusion to my favourite “GG” episode. The final Thanksgiving episode, It’s Really Complicated, which is an allusion to the movie, “It’s Complicated.” Trying deep fried turkey for the first time –BOMB! And that one time I decided to act vegan for my friends and have Tofurkey. It actually wasn’t bad tasting, and it was filling. Oversleeping and missing Thanksgiving. I was with a friend, someone who I used to know [LMFAO!!] We woke up and started drinking champagne, then we passed out and overslept and missed my mother’s. Then there was the time I went out on Thanksgiving, got so drunk I fell and cracked my head open. I had the sickest bald spot for the longest. It was soooo embarrASSing! But, I am thankful for all the craziness! It’s made me the rockstar I am today. And speaking of more, and a different type of craziness, all of a sudden Black Friday started happening on Thursdays. Thanksgiving Thursday! Fuck your traditional dinner! We’ll make it a lunch, I want my ass a TV! What has the world come to?! Literally. Have you read the internet or watched the news? I don’t know if what’s going on is comedy or tragedy. There you go, another allusion. It’s all an allusion. Or illusion rather. Serious, what is reality and what is fiction? “Black Friday happening on a Thursday” is also an allusion to my first blog post. My first blog post was 2 Thanksgivings ago. Now, 58 later, I’m still here! It’s still going.

This turkey day is very different from the others. For one, I’m in China! OMLG! I cannot believe I am here! I’m thankful I escaped LA and got the opportunity to be here. This little manquest is doing me good. I’m on sabbatical from LA in case anyone is asking. Just yesterday, I realized, after it smacked me right in the numb face, it’s cold from snowing, I’m still learning things about myself. I had another little moment to myself. I swear, if I was not me, I’d date me. OK! Back to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not very popular in China. Hence why I have to work. It’s acknowledged, but not really celebrated. Kind of like St. Patrick’s Day or April Fool’s. All Hallows Eve just started becoming popular –you get the picture! Need I allude more?! Just because Thanksgiving is not popular here, that doesn’t mean it’s stopping me. I’m getting something I’ve always wanted: a nice hotel dinner. I’ve always wanted to fly to New York for Thanksgiving and have an expensive, OverTheTop [another allusion! LMFAO] dinner at a fancy-ass hotel where real chefs do their thing and overcharge for what is being served. That has such a nice, glamourous, traditional ring to it. Luckily for me, I’ll be getting that this year. Or if things turn for the worse, I can always have noodles! LMFAO! I wouldn’t dare. Regardless, I am thankful, I am happy, and I’m “Thankful for Being Happy.” To 100 more Thanksgivings! Gobble, Gobble.


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